Animal Printed Satin Spool

Premium Quality Animal Printed Satin Spool

BB Crafts are the leading supplier of a wide range of designer, vibrant shades, and colors of animal printed satin spool. If you want to craft your wardrobe in an elegant, bold and perfect style, then use our premium quality products. This fabric is available in different colors like apple, hot pink, orange, purple, red, white and much more at a nominal price.

Animal Printed Satin Spool used for various materials like jackets, evening gowns, lingerie, nightgowns, handbags, jewelry and other fashion accessories have a fresh and entirely graceful appeal, which add a wow factor to the wearer’s personality.


The spools are available in size 6-inch 10-yards and made from premium quality 100% polyester. If you want to look unique at any function, then you can use dresses that are made from this animal print satin spool. This animal printed satin spool resembles different animal impressions like the cheetah, zebra, leopard, giraffe, and tiger. This fabric is perfect for decorating and designing an unlimited number of wardrobe styles. Whatever be your requirement for your craft projects our high-quality animal satin is ideal for your work.