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Christmas Mesh Wraps

Enjoy your Christmas eve with our Christmas mesh wrap decorated trees. Invite your guests with mesh wrapped bouquets and flowers. It gives you soft and radiant look to your Christmas trees and bouquets. Buy your favorite colors coming in both solid and two tone colors in wholesale order.

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21 Inch x 10 Yards 1.00 lbs $4.35


  • Total record: 16

Yellow White

Item XB91302 As Low As $4.35

Pink White

Item XB91303 As Low As $4.35

Light Blue

Item XB91304 As Low As $4.35


Item XB91307 As Low As $4.35


Item XB91308 As Low As $4.35

Apple Green

Item XB91309 As Low As $4.35


Item XB91311 As Low As $4.35

Red White

Item XB91312 As Low As $4.35

Red with Gold

Item XB91315 As Low As $4.35

Spring Moss

Item XB91317 As Low As $4.35


Item XB91319 As Low As $4.35


Item XB91321 As Low As $4.35

Royal Blue

Item XB91325 As Low As $4.35


Item XB91328 As Low As $4.35


Item XB91333 As Low As $4.35

Orange with Blac...

Item XB91338 As Low As $4.35
  • Total record: 16

Elegant and Beautiful Wraps To Enhance Christmas Décor The mesh wraps are a beautiful covering to protect your sacred Christmas, and at the same time, it looks gracious with the stunning LED lights which decorate the tree. The Christmas mesh wraps are very light and flexible. Due to the flexibility and lightness, huge Christmas trees can be easily wrapped while adding a great extra effect.

The Christmas mesh wraps also make the perfect gift wrapping for your friends and relatives. When you wrap gifts in the mesh wrap, they become even more adorable and resemble a piece of art. A bridegroom can wear a floral bow for the wedding made from the mesh wrap. There are bows made from combinations of various colored ribbons. The Christmas mesh wraps are available in a plethora of colors, styles, and varieties. They are available in yellow and white, pink and white, light blue shades, and shades of apple green and Fuchsia colors. The mesh wraps are made from premium quality materials to fulfill the needs of the creative designer and demanding decorators. The Christmas mesh wraps are available in bright two-colored tone, with a mix of golden color to give that additional glow to your Christmas tree and bouquets. They are available in orange, pink, metallic golden color, and moss floral color. The white floral mesh wrap looks very elegant and beautiful and are most suited for the weddings. The lighter colors may also be used to make wreaths and provide a nice soothing effect. You may use mesh wraps to enhance the décor of your home, for decorating Christmas trees, and wrapping gifts and presents. These versatile decorating wraps can be purchased at a very affordable price in many styles and varieties, all while catching that special attention from all your guests and receive praises throughout.