Deco Mesh Laser Eyelash

Beautiful Deco Mesh Laser Eyelash

These deco mesh laser eyelash made from 100% Polypropylene, which is measured in the size of length: 21 inch x 10 yards and count as one roll. Our mesh wrap also provides a beautiful elegance and strong support to your floral arrangements and plant- focused craft projects.

Due to its glossy and shiny design, you can use these deco meshes for many projects such as garlands, gift wrap, wedding decor and much more! We offer our series of deco wire mesh designs are available in all different colors so that your possibilities are endless. There is a metallic stripe pattern that can catch the light and allow your floral creations to shine.

At BB Crafts, we provide our deco mesh wrap with the array of beautiful colors and patterns that help you to bring ideas to your life. Wholesale available after registration and ships within 24-48 hours.