Deco Mesh Wrap Metallic Stripes

deco mesh wrap metallic stirpes

Our XB905 series Deco Mesh Wrap Metallic Stripes brings life to your handy crafts plant decoration works. To make your work elegant you must pick the right color ranges from our Floral Mesh collections. Your Home decorations will be done brilliantly by making use of our Floral Mesh. Metallic stripes also be used in wrapping gifts and its glowing look gives radiant look to your home. A home decoration to accessories make over our Floral Mesh with Metallic stripes helps you to broadcast your ideas effectively. We take wholesale orders.

All bulk and retail customers are capable to buy from us at affordable pricing without least necessities!

Product Information Weight As Low As
21 Inch x 10 Yards 1.20 lbs $4.99


  • Total record: 33

White Irridesc...

Item XB90501 As Low As $4.99


Item XB90503 As Low As $4.99

Light Blue

Item XB90504 As Low As $4.99

Moss Green Gol...

Item XB90508 As Low As $4.99

Old Willow

Item XB90508W As Low As $4.99

Apple Green

Item XB90509 As Low As $4.99


Item XB90510 As Low As $4.99

Purple Purple ...

Item XB90511 As Low As $4.99

Red Red Line

Item XB90512 As Low As $4.99


Item XB90512G As Low As $4.99


Item XB90514 As Low As $4.99

Old Gold with Go...

Item XB90515 As Low As $4.99


Item XB90516 As Low As $4.99

Emerald Emeral...

Item XB90517 As Low As $4.99


Item XB90519 As Low As $4.99

Black Gold Lin...

Item XB90520 As Low As $4.99

Black Silver L...

Item XB90521 As Low As $4.99


Item XB90522 As Low As $4.99

Black with Black

Item XB905226 As Low As $4.99

Royal Blue

Item XB90525 As Low As $4.99

Navy Blue

Item XB90527 As Low As $4.99

Fuchsia Fuchsi...

Item XB90528 As Low As $4.99


Item XB90529 As Low As $4.99


Item XB90530 As Low As $4.99

Brown with Coppe...

Item XB90538 As Low As $4.99

Milk Chocolate w...

Item XB90538M As Low As $4.99


Item XB90539 As Low As $4.99

White Gold Lin...

Item XB90540 As Low As $4.99

Ivory with Gold

Item XB90541 As Low As $4.99

White with Silve...

Item XB90542 As Low As $4.99

Light Gold

Item XB90549 As Low As $4.99

Red White Blue

Item XB90574 As Low As $4.99

Orange with Blac...

Item XB909019 As Low As $4.99
  • Total record: 33

Make Every Occasion Memorable With Special Deco Mesh Wraps A small thing of beauty enhances the visual appeal of a larger space when it is used in the right way. Mesh Wraps are like that. They give a top notch look to any decoration. They are effectively used to decorate vases and table lamps. You can use the remaining strips and pieces of the ribbons for gift wrapping. You can also use these ribbons to decorate frocks and skirts. These give a creative look and create a colorful ambiance to the room.

Get the look by keeping an eye on the style and the texture coordination The deco mesh wraps are mainly used for decorating purposes. You have to purchase the ribbons by looking into its texture and style. It is necessary to purchase ribbons that are of good quality. Beautiful lace ribbons can be used to make hangers for potpourri sachets. Sew the Deco Mesh Ribbons to Create Beautiful Crochets The satin edge ribbons are used for creating and enhancing the look of frocks and other dresses. These ribbons are affordable and you can use them as gift bows as well. Rat tail deco mesh wraps that are usually 2m long are used to decorate the veils of the bride. The ribbons play an important role in wedding ceremony. You can find these beautiful deco mesh wraps attached to various articles in the wedding ceremonies. It is necessary to purchase the ribbons based on the style and the occasion. You must make sure that you use the appropriate color and texture of deco ribbons. Enhance Your Homes with the Touch of Deco Mesh Ribbons Deco mesh is a useful home decorating accessory as well. It can be added to casing your photos and can also be used to lend a decorative touch to the curtains and the lampshades. You can change the look of your rooms by decorating the furniture and other add-ons with ribbons.

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