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Floral Mesh Ribbon

5902 Series - An elegant strip of floral mesh ribbon lends the perfect touch of strength, beauty and delicacy to your event or craft project. Consider the polish you add to your handmade decoration or beautifully wrapped gift when you apply this mesh ribbon and some carefully arranged greenery fresh from the greenhouse or garden.

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2-1/2 inch x 25 Yards 0.50 lbs $4.75


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Light Blue

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Spring Moss

Item 590208 As Low As $4.75

Apple Green

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Black Gold

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Royal Blue

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Navy Blue

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Light Gold

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Mixed Colors

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  • Total record: 22

Deco Mesh Ribbon – Help Create a Perfect Ambiance with Ribbons Ribbons add a perfect finish to all kinds of decorations. It can be used for gifts, home décor or even as party accessories. Mesh ribbons make excellent gift toppers; they are reusable and truly multifunctional. Apart from gift wrapping, ribbons are also often used for decorations and are tied to clothing and dresses for ornamental purposes.

Mesh ribbons vary in their size and texture. There are two types of ribbons – woven and non-woven. The woven ribbons are made with special finished edges. The non woven ribbons are made with narrow bands and textile yarns. These ribbons are usually bonded with an adhesive. The main advantage in using mesh ribbons is their flexibility and durability. These ribbons are so elegant that they can be used for decorating costumes and gift wrapping. To Enhance the Beauty of Floral Arrangements Acetate, curling and satin ribbons are used to add more beauty to bouquets and pew bows packaging. Chiffon and organza ones are light weight and they are used to give a weave touch to a flower basket. Grosgrain ribbons are used to give a crisp body appearance and iridescent ribbons are used to give a pearl like finish. An Inexpensive Craft Piece Mesh ribbon plays an important role in giving a personalized look to handmade crafts. It is easy to create rose petals and other decorative enhancements from these ribbons. They can be used for making a bow or a border for homemade cards. They can also be used to personalize avase and lampshade. Ribbon Accessories Mesh ribbon can be used as a beautiful fashion accessory. You can tie ribbons around your ponytail or wrap them around your head and use it as a hair band. You can also wrap it around your wrist and use it as a wrist band. Ribbons are an internationally known symbol of love and bonding, drawing admiration from many.