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Floral Mesh Wrap Solid Color

soild color floral mesh wrap

XB903 series professional florists use mesh wrap for dozens of purposes. The right mesh warp can hold floral arrangements together and provide support for a wide variety of craft projects and decorative items involving dried plants, winding vines, and cut flowers. Our floral mesh wrap comes in a wide variety of colors. Browse through our options and choose the solid color that matches your vision.

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Product Information Weight As Low As
21 Inch x 10 Yards 1.20 lbs $2.49


  • Total record: 28


Item XB90301 As Low As $2.49

Light Pink

Item XB90303 As Low As $2.49

Light Blue

Item XB90304 As Low As $2.49

Spring Moss

Item XB90308 As Low As $2.49

Apple Green

Item XB90309 As Low As $2.49


Item XB90310 As Low As $2.49

Burgundy Gold

Item XB90310M As Low As $2.49


Item XB90311 As Low As $2.49


Item XB90312 As Low As $2.49

Red with Gold

Item XB90312M As Low As $2.49

Old Gold

Item XB90315 As Low As $2.49


Item XB90316 As Low As $2.49


Item XB90317 As Low As $2.49


Item XB90318 As Low As $2.49


Item XB90319 As Low As $2.49


Item XB90321 As Low As $2.49

Black Gold

Item XB90321M As Low As $2.49


Item XB90322 As Low As $2.49

Royal Blue

Item XB90325 As Low As $2.49

Navy Blue

Item XB90327 As Low As $2.49


Item XB90328 As Low As $2.49


Item XB90329 As Low As $2.49


Item XB90330 As Low As $2.49


Item XB90338 As Low As $2.49

Milky Chocolate

Item XB90338M As Low As $2.49


Item XB90339 As Low As $2.49

Aqua Blue

Item XB90345 As Low As $2.49

Light Gold

Item XB90349 As Low As $2.49
  • Total record: 28

Floral Mesh Wrap Solid Colors Create Innovative Beauty There is nothing more elegant than a rose wrapped in floral mesh wrap solid color. Roses are some of the most beautiful flowers on earth, and using floral mesh when arranging them simply enhances that beauty. Floral mesh can dress up a plain flower arrangement and make it a thing of classic beauty to grace any table or mantle. With its variety of colors, it complements any flower or potted plant.

Using floral mesh wrap solid color can turn common and everyday items into beautiful works of art. No matter what color you choose, it will enhance the style and design of the project you use it for. You can turn drab into dazzling in just a short time. If you can tie a knot, you can make a work of art. Floral mesh wrap solid color can also be used for interior decorating projects. You can use it for tie backs on draperies or decorative accents around pieces of furniture. Many people have used it for gift wrap or making bows to place on top of gifts. It can easily add dazzling color to an ordinary piece of wrapping paper. You can also tie floral mesh wrap solid color around a basket for a uniquely designed floral arrangement or gift container. Imagine the beautiful ways to enhance wedding decorations with the use of floral mesh wrap solid color. You can add color and charm to the pews, interior columns or even tables in the reception hall. Floral mesh wrap can also be placed around candelabra or used as edging to make table top decorations. Whatever you can dream or design, there is sure to be a use for floral mesh wrap solid color when you want to turn boring into exciting or dull into dazzling. Just reach for a roll of floral mesh.