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Holiday Floral Mesh Wraps

XB918 Series To add the final touch to your holiday décor before your party guests arrive, or to lend a sense of texture and structure to a wreath or winter floral arrangement, consider a winding, festive swath of holiday floral mesh wrap. Mesh wrap adds colorful and decorative accents while holding greenery tightly in place, and our floral mesh wraps may be just what you need to complete your party decorations or holiday craft projects. Our two-toned holiday floral mesh wraps come in five different color combinations including the eternally popular apple green with crimson red. Other patterns include elegant black-and-white and classic red-and-white color combinations. During the holidays, leave nothing to chance. The beauty and success of your event will lie in the details. Make sure your floral or evergreen arrangements shine through with our classic floral mesh wrap. Our wraps are available by the spool and can be purchased in bulk by registered wholesalers. 

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Apple Green with...

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Red Gold

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Fuchsia Black

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Holiday Decoration is Incomplete without Holiday Floral Mesh Wrap

Add a floral feel to your home décor when you are planning a holiday with your guests. Holiday floral mesh wrap gives an excellent look and feel to any flower arrangement, especially for winter flowers. Create a stunning floral gift with the help of the floral mesh wrap. The freshness and fragrance of the flowers are kept intact and the mesh wrap gives the flowers a decorative twist. The holiday floral mesh wrap is just the right piece of decoration required to complete the entire holiday decoration of your home. The floral mesh wraps available are double toned and offered in five brilliant colors. The trendiest colors preferred by designers are green apple with a shade of crimson red. The other brilliant color combinations available are: Red and white mesh wrap; Green apple mesh wrap with a beautiful red line to give that extra special look; Black and white striped holiday floral mesh wrap giving an exotic feel to the flowers; and last but not least, the Red mesh wrap with a pinch of apple green. The mesh wraps are elegant wraps giving that natural look to the floral arrangement and adds a complete look to your holiday decoration. The holiday floral mesh wrap can be used for many purposes. The main purpose of the mesh wrap is to hold the fresh flowers neatly, preventing them from withering or becoming loose. The mesh wraps are also used by experts to make various craft designs out of dried flowers, plants, as well as vines. Some of the floral mesh wraps are very light weight and usually used for making heavy bouquets, as well as for decoration of Christmas trees. Certain floral mesh wraps are specifically designed to use for weddings. They can be used on wedding tables, chairs, and even for the bows.