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Natural Jute Mesh

Natural jute mesh can be incarnated in any kind of craft forms. The rough appearance and heavy look doesn’t mean it’s hard; instead it gives you strong, soft craft works. Home decoration materials woven with our XB901 series jute mesh gives a stunning look to your home. Wrap your gifts; decorate party backdrops with our fine fiber made natural jute mesh in wholesale order.

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21 Inch x 6 Yards 1.00 lbs $5.90


  • Total record: 14

Natural White

Item XB90101NW As Low As $5.90


Item XB90102 As Low As $5.90

Light Pink

Item XB90103 As Low As $5.90


Item XB90108 As Low As $5.90

Apple Green

Item XB90109 As Low As $5.90


Item XB90111 As Low As $5.90


Item XB90112 As Low As $5.90


Item XB90118 As Low As $5.90


Item XB90119 As Low As $5.90


Item XB90121 As Low As $5.90


Item XB90122 As Low As $5.90

Hot Pink

Item XB90128 As Low As $5.90

Chocolate Brown

Item XB90138 As Low As $5.90


Item XB93215 As Low As $5.90
  • Total record: 14

This decorative natural jute mesh is available in a host of beautiful and bright solid colors like apple green, chocolate brown, orange, hot pink, red, emerald and various others. These meshes are water resistant and natural for many shaping projects and floral- related wrapping. These natural jute meshes, which are also called geo mesh or sinamay, are generally sold in yards.

You can use this mesh to accent a flower pot or a vase. Begin at the bottom of the pot and wrap the mesh around the base of the pot securing it with a dot of glue as you go along. This would infuse new life to discolored, old plastic pots. Jars can also be recycled by wrapping and gluing jute mesh and these can be used as storage containers and vases. You could also wrap numbers and wooden letters with jute mesh for a textural wall display. Another way of using natural jute mesh is crocheting them in one of a kind kitchen basket. You can create these baskets to hold bread, fruits and vegetables on the counter. These baskets can be easily stored when not in use. Such baskets can also be used to hold food gifts, hence doubling the value of the gift. You can also make funky shopping bags by sticking layers of jute mesh which can also be rolled up in bundles to carry around in your purse. You could make crochet placemats or coasters as gifts or for yourself. Candle holders can also be accentuated by using jute mesh. Wrap lengths of mesh around the candle and secure it with a bow. Jeweled accents and decorative ribbons can be further used to customize the look of the candle. If you are aiming on using these meshes you can either buy from a store near you or purchase it online.