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All craft related activities utilize different types of ribbons like satin, organza, polka dot, offray ribbons etc.

The type of ribbon used varies with the type of activity you choose. For example, you make use of polka dots or specialty ribbons for attaching them to the borders of dresses, satin ribbons are used for making bows and decorating scrapbooks, offray are commonly used for making flowers. Hence, before choosing a ribbon for your craft activity you must be sure of the type of ribbon that will be best for your activity. It is also noteworthy that you determine the width, color, thickness and other such factors before choosing your required ribbon. Offray ribbons are double-faced satin ribbons available in a range of colors. They are generally made of polyester materials and the color ranges from neutral, clear to bright, vibrant ones. They are generally highly supremely versatile since they are made of polyester. Hence, you can make a wide variety of things with an endless number of knots and folds. They are generally four inch wide and come in spools of about 20 yards in length. It is always better to purchase in spools especially if you plan to make many things out of them. One spool of twenty yards is normally priced at $26.99 if you buy from wholesale dealers. If you are looking to buy a whole lot of offray ribbons for craft and other decoration purposes then it is necessary that you either buy it from a wholesale dealer or go for online stores. Online stores dealing in art and craft materials not only have a range in the offray ribbons, but they also have distinctive offers. You may get a special discount on ordering a certain number of spools of the ribbons. There is no dearth in the number of online stores dealing in the business, and they all guarantee excellent quality reliable materials. Don't lose to get wholesale prices, you'll get membership!