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2mm Satin Rat Tail Cord

2mm satin rat tail cord

Finish your elegant gift with our delicate 2mm satin rat tail cord and watch as it steals the spotlight and outshines the other gifts on the table. And our slender satin tail cord isn’t just for gifts: A beautiful bow or winding curl of satin can lend the perfect touch of color and fun to your décor or craft project.

All bulk and retail customers are capable to buy from us at affordable pricing without least necessities!

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2mm x 100 Yards 1.10 lbs $2.99


  • Total record: 41


Item 400001 As Low As $2.99

Baby Maize

Item 400002 As Low As $5.50

Light Pink

Item 400003 As Low As $5.50

Light Blue

Item 400004 As Low As $5.50


Item 400006 As Low As $5.50

Hunter Green

Item 400007 As Low As $5.50

Spring Moss

Item 400008 As Low As $5.50

Apple Green

Item 400009 As Low As $5.50


Item 400010 As Low As $5.50


Item 400011 As Low As $5.50

Purple Haze

Item 400011PH As Low As $5.50

Ultra Violet

Item 400011UV As Low As $5.50


Item 400012 As Low As $2.99

Light Gold

Item 400014 As Low As $5.50


Item 400015 As Low As $2.99


Item 400016 As Low As $5.50


Item 400017 As Low As $5.50


Item 400018 As Low As $2.99


Item 400021 As Low As $2.99


Item 400022 As Low As $5.50


Item 400024 As Low As $5.50

Royal Blue

Item 400025 As Low As $5.50

Navy Blue

Item 400027 As Low As $2.99


Item 400028 As Low As $5.50


Item 400030 As Low As $5.50

Colonial Rose

Item 400034 As Low As $5.50


Item 400035 As Low As $5.50

Chocolate Brown

Item 400038 As Low As $2.99


Item 400039 As Low As $5.50

Hot Pink

Item 400044 As Low As $5.50

White With Gold

Item 4000991 As Low As $5.99

White with Silve...

Item 4000992 As Low As $5.99

Red with Gold

Item 4000993 As Low As $5.99

Black with Gold

Item 4000994 As Low As $5.99

Emerald With Gol...

Item 4000995 As Low As $5.99

Ivory with Gold

Item 4000996 As Low As $5.99

Multi Color

Item M75304 As Low As $5.99

Multi Color

Item M75311 As Low As $5.99

Multi Color

Item M75328 As Low As $5.99

Multi Color

Item M75335 As Low As $5.99

Multi Color

Item M75342 As Low As $5.99
  • Total record: 41

Satin Cords Much More Than Decoration, A Fashion Statements, Forever…! It is that time of the year again when one has to attend a party or a wedding and the mood is set to shop for among other things that are a regular on the shopping list, something to augment the looks for the upcoming events, there is a tendency to go opt for those organza bags which come in handy, not just to store the things that can be needed at short notice, but also satin cords strung necklaces.

Necklaces strung on satin cords are not just sturdy but they also lend a certain amount of grace to the beads or other material that is strung to them for the necklace. It adds a certain grace to the subtlety and beauty that is brought on by the organza bags that the ladies carry with panache. These necklaces have a high demand in the market because of things like ease of use, sturdiness and also the value addition it does to the overall looks of the wearer. Desirability at Any Cost Pricing for the necklaces or the Chinese braids made of satin cords are higher than the ones that are strung on normal strings. However, it is well worth the cost because of the sturdiness as described before as also the amount of hard work put into give the strength that these cords command. Thus, it makes more than just sense to carry the organza bags that can accentuate the looks and the personality of the woman who uses it in the right way to make heads turn at any occasion that she may be attending. Everybody’s Envy, Owner’s Pride Thus, when it comes to making heads turn and making people swoon, it makes more than just fashion sense to have necklaces of satin cords which have your preferred beads or pearls. Combine that with your choice of organza bags and you are a celebrity.