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Petite Metallic Cord

petite metallic cord

Petite metallic cord is a unique craft product used in high quality craft materials; its look and feel gives a beautiful craft works. Make your innovative ideas true by our 3mm, 25yards pool price metallic cord.

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red with gold

Red with Gold

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navy blue with gold

Navy Blue with G...

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white with gold

White With Gold

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ivory with gold sparkle

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black with gold

Black with Gold

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These elegant pieces of Petite Metallic Chords come with a wide variety of color choices. Mix, match contrast or just use it the way you feel like with any possible thing. Take glue and stick it circumference wise to simple vase to give it your style. Make a swirl of it or make a flower out of it and paste it to a nice firm frame and make your own artwork.

Metallic Chords are a piece of decoration that let your imagination go beyond its boundaries. Make borders of your paintings or collages or picture frames out of it. Make your own personal artwork. Wrap them around flower stems and make a nice elegant flower arrangement. Make your own book cover with them. Just take a cardboard and cut it in the size of your book. Stick it to the book like a cover and simply stick these petite metallic chords along the edges of the cardboard. Voila, you have just created a beautiful book cover. There are endless uses of these Petite Metallic Chords. It can be of great use for decorating furniture like elegant sofas and chairs. Not only this, they can be used in parties or wedding decorations to create beautiful arrangements along with flowers and beads and combining other decorative items. With so many color options there would never be just one combination to go with. Use gold contrasted chords to give royal look to decorations, for softer tones use lighter and sliver colored chords. We carefully wrap and arrange these metallic chords to give them style along with strength, making them durable, reusable and sustainable. So order now to showcase your elegant sense of style to make a statement. If you’re preparing for an event, you can order on wholesale too. You can also trade these as wholesalers. For that you just register as a wholesaler. You can get up to 10% of discount on your order. We have a 15 days return and 30 days exchange policy and we deliver within 48 hours of order.