Grosgrain Ribbon Jumbo Dots

Grosgrain Ribbon Jumbo Dots

Jumbo dots grosgrain ribbon come in an inch or inch and a half. These grosgrain ribbons come in a myriad of colors including hot pink, apricot, canary, light pink, white, royal navy, orange bowl, and a host of other special hues. Grosgrain ribbons come with jumbo polka dots. If you’re looking for something fancier, you will definitely like our reversible jumbo dot grosgrain ribbon. This brings the ultimate ribbon experience in crafting, scrapbooking, creating bows and gift wrappers.

Prices Shown are Per Spool Price, Not per Yard.

Width Length As Low As
1-1/2 inch 25 Yards $11.50


  • Total record: 27

Canary with Brown Dots

Canary with Brow...

Item 2911002
Pink with Brown Dots

Pink with Brown ...

Item 2911003
Light Blue with Royal Dots

Light Blue with ...

Item 2911004
Pink with Emerald Dots

Pink with Emeral...

Item 2911006
Apple Green with Emerald Dots

Apple Green with...

Item 2911009
Pink with Red Dots

Pink with Red Do...

Item 2911012
Orange with Brown Dots

Orange with Brow...

Item 2911019
Canary with Red Dots

Canary with Red ...

Item 2911022
Canary with Emerald Dots

Canary with Emer...

Item 2911023
Royal with Navy Dots

Royal with Navy ...

Item 2911025
Fuchsia with Red Dots

Fuchsia with Red...

Item 2911028
Fuchsia with Brown Dots

Fuchsia with Bro...

Item 2911029
Lavender with Royal Dots

Lavender with Ro...

Item 2911030
Orchid with Royal Blue Dots

Orchid with Roya...

Item 2911037
White with Emerald Dots

White with Emera...

Item 2911040
White with Chocolate Dots

White with Choco...

Item 2911041
White with Royal Dots

White with Royal...

Item 2911043
Orange with Red Dots

Orange with Red ...

Item 2911058
Turquoise with Royal Dots

Turquoise with R...

Item 2911086
White with Brown Dots

White with Brown...

Item S90030905
Pink with Chocolate Dots

Pink with Chocol...

Item S90030908
Black with White Dots

Black with White...

Item S90030913
Daffodil with Red Dots

Daffodil with Re...

Item S90030914
Daffodil with Chocolate Brown Dots

Daffodil with Ch...

Item S90030915
Coffee With Brown Dots

Coffee With Brow...

Item S90030918
Chocolate with Pink Dots

Chocolate with P...

Item S90030919
Chocolate with Green Dots

Chocolate with G...

Item S90030920

Grosgrain Ribbon Jumbo dots is a variety of Grosgrain ribbon which is tightly woven textile along with similar crests producing a brittle and strong fabric. It is refer to a heavy, stiff ribbon of silk or nylon woven heavy weft resulting in slanting ribs.

Grosgrain ribbon jumbo dot is used as tidy garments adding contrast and color to finished clothing, in order to make sashes and ties on dresses, bows on hats, embroidered towels, sheets, and other linens, displaying military medals. Jumbo dot printed Grosgrain ribbon is typically made from silk, nylon or synthetic products. Grosgrain ribbon dots can appear sleek or dull; either single color, or striped. Grosgrain ribbon dots come in a wide variety of color, patterns and widths available for purchase in small measured amounts. They can be purchased from fabric stores, crafting stores and through internet. The size of the jumbo dot printed Grosgrain ribbon is 1+1/2 inch with a price of $0.28 per yard along with poly content. Grosgrain Ribbon Big dots are available in 7/8 and 1.5inches width, which is available in 5yard increments. They vary in different color shades. Grosgrain ribbon jumbo dots are 1.5” 5 yard in size with a variety of color ranges. The different types of Grosgrain ribbon jumbo dots distinguish according to the size, pattern and color. A whole range of ribbon collection is under the Grosgrain ribbon dots which have 27 rolls, size of 3/8” and 27 yards. Grosgrain ribbon dots are popularly used for making hair ribbons and bows. BBCrafts is the ideal place to find all these variety Grosgrain ribbon jumbo dots which are skilfully woven and cut, further used for many artistic assignments. Their products are available in both single purchase and wholesale. They are flexible, resilient and easy to work in flower bouquets, wreaths and other handicrafts.

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