Grosgrain Ribbon Swiss Dot

Grosgrain Ribbon Swiss Dot

Our classic Swiss dot grosgrain ribbon can add the prefect element of finish and refinement to your craft project or formal gift. Swiss dot grosgrain ribbon also makes an excellent choice for wedding table favors, and can add an elegant and creative flair to cards and invitations.

Prices Shown are Per Spool Price, Not per Yard.

Width Length As Low As
3/8 inch 50 Yards $2.99
5/8 inch 50 Yards $3.99
7/8 inch 50 Yards $4.99



  • Total record: 41

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Item 294022


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Royal Blue with White Dots

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Light Pink With White Dots

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Light Pink with Chocolate Dots

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Purple with White Dots

Purple with Whit...

Item 294064
Red with White Dots

Red with White D...

Item 294065
Red with Black Dots

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Item 294065B
Turquoise with White Dots

Turquoise with W...

Item 294068
Yellow with White Dots

Yellow with Whit...

Item 294079
Burgundy with White Dots

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Item 294090
Hot Pink with White Dots

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Item 2940904
Chocolate Brown with White Dots

Chocolate Brown ...

Item 294092
Chocolate with Pink Dots

Chocolate with P...

Item 294092P
Canary with Apple Dots

Canary with Appl...

Item 2940C02
Emerald with Fuchsia Dots

Emerald with Fuc...

Item 2940C03
Pink with Lavender Dots

Pink with Lavend...

Item 2940C04
Turquoise with Brown Dots

Turquoise with B...

Item 2940C05
Turftan with Brown Dots

Turftan with Bro...

Item 2940C06
Apple with Canary Dots

Apple with Canar...

Item 2940C09
Silver with Black Dots

Silver with Blac...

Item 2940C10
Ivory with Mocha Dots

Ivory with Mocha...

Item 2940C11
Ivory with Brown Dots

Ivory with Brown...

Item 2940C12
Tan with Brown Dots

Tan with Brown D...

Item 2940C13
Pear with Willow Dots

Pear with Willow...

Item 2940C14
Willow with Ivory Dots

Willow with Ivor...

Item 2940C16
Pear with Ivory Dots

Pear with Ivory ...

Item 2940C17
Red with Ivory Dots

Red with Ivory D...

Item 2940C18
Cranberry With Ivory Dots

Cranberry With I...

Item 2940C19

Whether you are making a new dress for your little angel’s doll or planning to wrap a gift for your friend’s anniversary use Swiss dot grosgrain ribbon. Swiss dot ribbon is similar to polka dot ribbon and is preferred over all other types.

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