Ombre Ribbon Wired Edge

ombre ribbon wired edge

Ombre ribbon is kind of French ombres that are widely known for its color transitions.We provide you with best quality ombre ribbons that are known for its radiant look and attractive colors. Ombres are very useful for many occasional events like party; wedding etc.The party organizers are using it for crafts work. We take wholesale orders of ombres ribbons with wired edge at spool price. We bring you the collection of ethnic ombre ribbons with wired edge at an affordable price range in different colors. You can pick your desirable color for your crafts work. The color ranges are comes out with purple pink, red white, blue white etc.

Prices Shown are Per Spool Price, Not per Yard.

Width Length As Low As
1-1/2 inch 25 Yards $6.99


  • Total record: 17

Red White

Item 90030901A

Purple Pink

Item 90030902A

Dark Purple Pink

Item 90030904A

Pink Green

Item 90030906A

Blue White

Item 90030907A

Green Peach

Item 90030908A

Pink White

Item 90030910A

Red Red

Item 90030912A

Blue Navy

Item 90030916A

Fuchsia Black

Item 90030917A

Ivory White

Item 90030918A

Green Yellow Ora...

Item 90030922A

Yellow White

Item 90030924A

Mint Hunter Gree...

Item 90030928A

Toffee Chocolate

Item 90030929A

Green Hunter

Item 90030933A

Coral Dark Mauve

Item 90030934A

How to Buy Ombre Ribbon Online? Ombre is derived from the French word Ombra, which means shade or shadow. As the name suggests, ombre ribbon is a multicolored band in which colors graduate from lighter to darker hues. In a bid to enhance the usability of ombre ribbons, often a very thin wire is locked in its edges. Such wired ribbons can easily be shaped into flowers and bows.

There are so many things that you have to take into consideration while buying wired ombre ribbon online. Unlike brick and mortar shops, in internet-based stores, you can only see the products; you don’t get a chance to touch and feel the items. Hence, if you aren’t careful, you typically end up buying goods that you don’t really need. Here are a few invaluable tips that will help you to buy high-quality ombre ribbon with ease. • Color- While buying ombre ribbon wired edge, the first thing that you have to take into consideration is the color of the band. Take a close look at the full-blown picture of the band to ensure that you are buying the right color. • Width- The next factor that you need to consider is the width of the ombre ribbon. The width can range between 5mm and 95mm. Thus, prior to opting for the width, evaluate your requirements warily. • Material- Cotton, polyester, linen and nylon are some of the materials that are used for making ombre ribbons. If durability is an important factor for you, then without a second thought opt for polyester or nylon ribbons. • Price- Online shops seldom display wholesale prices. Either per spool or per yard price is shown on the site. To get the wholesale price, you would have to register on the site. Once you get access to the wholesale ombre ribbon price-list, you can place the order by using the shopping cart. • Return and Exchange Policy- Before placing the order, read the return and exchange policy of the online merchant vigilantly. Apart from money-back warranty, there should be option for exchange too. To get the best quality ombre ribbon wired edge, all you need to do is to bear the above-enlisted factors in mind. Happy Shopping!

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