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Organza Ribbon Animal Print Wired

organza ribbon animal print wired

The evergreen toast of the ribbon market, these animal print ribbons combine the subtlety of organza with the boldness of wired animal prints all over the solid color. The overall effect is quite eye-catchy and you can use the organza ribbon with animal print wired for wild theme parties, animal welfare charities or as a fashion accessory to stylistically highlight the wild side of your personality. The ribbons are available plenty of bright colors with black wired animal prints all over them.

Prices Shown are Per Spool Price, Not per Yard.

Width Length As Low As
1-1/2 inch 10 Yards $4.22
2-1/2 inch 10 Yards $5.75


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Organza Ribbon Animal Style For Stylish Women One of the most popular ways of using organza ribbon animal style is to create hair accessories such as those in headbands. One of the latest fashion trends, in hair accessories is to create a headband and tie your hair back.

There is an endless list for the uses of organza ribbons. The beauty of organza ribbons is that they come in so many patterns and styles, the latest trend in organza ribbons, or animal prints. This new style of organza ribbon animal style complements the latest in clothing fashion trends. Using organza ribbon animal style is a unique way to give a vibrant touch to wedding decorations. Such uses might include tying small wedding bells with the ribbon and using them as centerpieces for the tables. You can also use the ribbons to accent bridesmaid and flower girl dresses. Many women love animal style prints because they all want to feel a little wild at times. Using organza ribbon animal style to accent lingerie can make a woman feel more feminine. Organza ribbon can also be used as a belt to complement any outfit as is proven by latest fashion trends. Of course, using organza ribbons is not limited to clothing and hair accessories or wedding decorations. You can also use organza ribbon animal style to tie around hat brims for fashionable accents or as ribbons to secure your hat on a windy day. Last but not least organza ribbon animal style can also be used for gift wrapping by creating a uniquely designed bow sure to complement any type of wrapping tissue. Organza ribbon can also be used in flower arrangements or tied around the stems of the bouquet to create a distinctly different look. No matter how you choose to use organza ribbon animal style, for whatever occasion, is sure to add a touch of wild accent.