Organza Ribbon Four Striped Satin Edge

The malleable texture of organza combined beautifully with the elegance of satin, organza ribbon with four striped satin edge adds glamour and finesse to decorations and dresses. Sheer satin stripes are like magic woven into the solid organza base, to create marvelous effects. These organza ribbons are available in myriads of shades and sizes to help you select the best combo for your designs. Choose the best ribbons that will enhance the style quotient of your creation.  

Prices Shown are Per Spool Price, Not per Yard.

Width Length As Low As
7/8 inch 25 Yards $1.36
1-1/2 inch 25 Yards $1.92


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Organza four striped satin edge for elegant grace! Creativity is the word everyone keeps under their thumb while they march towards decorating with their own fashion. When this stays in the mind for a long period, one needs that extra zing, as well as for their belongings to look more beautiful and perfect, while still following the fashion trends that keep changing. Here, organza four striped satin edge ribbons are a part of creating a unique and lovely decoration.

The organza four striped satin edge ribbons have the additional benefit of determining the look of a room after it has been decorated with them. From the regular use of this ribbon: joining two papers, to an extended use: car decorations and stages for special occasions, these ribbons can be lustrous and luxurious. Millions of designers use the organza four striped satin edge; that is how important using these ribbons is. On a general note, the satin ribbon itself draws immense beauty, while the four stripes in different shades speak volumes when handled correctly and at an apt place. These shiny and stylish organza four striped satin edge ribbons are used several yards at a time, and in distinctive colors, as each color has the ability to change the look of the place, and even the feel. The organza four striped satin edge ribbons are well known, not only for the brand, but more importantly, for the style and patterns that are available. Choosing this ribbon will really make your decorations perfect and graceful, while retaining the strength of representing what you intend to embellish volumes more than other decorations. Above all, this is certified ribbon, and even new users can start enjoying using this stress-free decoration.

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