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Satin Ribbon 4 Inch Double Faced Wired

satin ribbon 4 inch double faced wired

Unlike normal satin ribbon, which is shiny on one side and dull on the other, double faced ribbon is equally lustrous on both the sides. It looks fabulous on bonbonniere, wedding gifts, bridal showers, hair bows, and baby pillows, blankets and bags. Satin ribbon 4 inch double faced wired is made from 100% polyester yarn and the wire on the edges makes sure that your handmade crafts do not lose their sheen with time. 

Prices Shown are Per Spool Price, Not per Yard.

Width Length As Low As
4 inch 10 Yards $5.65


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Satin Ribbon 4 Inch Double Faced Wired – A true catalyst for decoration Satin ribbon 4 inch double faced wired is one of our unique products. Normally satin ribbons that are double faced and have a width of 4 inch are not of this high quality and the thickness is also way more than what others offer.

Among our popular product offerings that would obviously feature in this particular list, Satin Ribbon 4 Inch Double Faced Wired is sure to make it to the list. The reason is not only its high quality but also because of the number of color variants in which 4” satin ribbon is available with us. 4” double faced satin ribbon can be used for various purposes, though its primary use is in decorating various things including furniture. Be it a college fest or a memorial lecture, or even while one decorates the bridal bouquets, one can invariably use the 4” double faced satin ribbon manufactured by us. Apart from the high quality as well as availability in many colors, our products with special reference to 4 inch double faced satin ribbon can be purchased under various schemes. The purchase schemes include both single purchases implying general customer purchases as well as bulk purchases by distributors and suppliers or even other sellers who sell it on their own. The premium quality of our satin ribbons having double faced wired of width of 4 inches has eventually already made it quite popular among all quarters of the populace. People have increasingly started using it innovatively and thus we have also come up with many variants of this particular product. Trade enquiries are solicited and interested buyers and distributors may contact us and even place their orders. We have a truly enviable record of delivering our products in time and there has never been a case of customer complaint of our satin ribbon 4 inch double faced wired products.