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Satin Ribbon Ball Sports

satin ribbon ball sports

To all the Diehard Sports fans who wish to innovate their handy craft ideas in their valuable gifts, we bring you our Satin Ribbon Ball sports. These kind of sports ribbon also be used in reviving your old house old items and making a good use of it by spending only little money. It enhances your accessories with reliable quality and long lasting. Satin ribbon ball adds value to your gifts by using it as a wrapper.lf you are a fashion minded person, then you can try it with your accessories of clothes and hat.It will be trendy for you to grap eye balls of others in a crowd. You can even show your ideas of using this sports ball in your curtains, wall hangings, show cases etc. Satin sports ball is  coming in all kind of sports types like Base ball,Basket ball,Soccer.We sell you with bulk wholesale order that are comes in different colors and across with width range.

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Prices Shown are Per Spool Price, Not per Yard.

Width Length As Low As
7/8 inch 25 Yards $8.35
1-1/2 inch 25 Yards $10.00


  • Total record: 4

baseball satin ribbon sports 7/8, 1/1-2 inch x 25 yards


Item S90170901
basketball satin ribbon sports 7/8, 1/1-2 inch x 25 yards


Item S90170902
football satin ribbon sports 7/8, 1/1-2 inch x 25 yards


Item S90170903
soccer satin ribbon sports 7/8, 1/1-2 inch x 25 yards


Item S90170904

4 Creative Ideas to Use Satin Ribbon Ball Sports Sleek and lustrous satin ribbon ball sports can easily glamorize even simple handicrafts. It is an excellent creative accessory that you can use to give a sporty look to otherwise formal objects. Here are 4 creative ideas to use satin ribbon sports.

• Add value to your gift- You don’t hesitate to spend hundreds of dollars in buying a perfect gift for your loved ones. How much time do you spend in decorating the gift? If the gift is for a sports aficionado, then consider using satin ribbon ball sports. Wrap the gift in bright color paper, and thereafter, tie a bow around it with matching ribbon sports. The mere sight of the gift will perk up the spirits of your loved ones. • Make an extraordinary card- Readymade card literally fail to express your true feelings. If you have little bit of time in hand, then allow your creative instincts to flow freely and create an extraordinary card with a glossy satin ribbon sports and few other embellishments. Your personal touch will certainly impress your football champion. • Refurbish old clothes and accessories- By reusing discarded clothes and accessories, you can easily save a lot of your hard-earned money. To refurbish your old clothes, all you need is a spool of satin ribbon ball sports. Often, a simple ribbon tie or trimming is enough to make a dress or accessory reusable. For instance, you can refurbish your old hat just by adding an unembellished satin ribbon edging. Do remember to wear the hat in a sporting event; you will definitely stand out from the crowd. To smarten up your old clothes, you would need hundreds of spools of ribbon. Opt for satin ribbon wholesale; it’s the best way to save money. • Redecorate household items- Over a period of time, household items tend to lose their luster. Instead of deciding on replacement, redecorate them and save your precious time and money. For example, you can use satin ribbon sports and matching fabric to revamp your bulletin board. Likewise, you can work upon trays, wall hangings, curtains, showpieces and so forth.