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Satin Ribbon Feather Edge

satin ribbon feather edge

Satin ribbon with feather edge idyllically combines the rich grandiosity of satin and delicate tenderness of feather. It is a perfect embellishment for your gifts, ornaments, hair bows, costumes, favors, sachets, and more. Even a tiny piece of satin ribbon feather edge can enhance the unique exquisiteness of your merchandise. In our elaborate selection, you can find many enticing spools of feather edge ribbon. Take away any one of them to make your craft delicately beautiful.

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Prices Shown are Per Spool Price, Not per Yard.

Width Length As Low As
3/16 inch 50 Yards $2.09
3/8 inch 50 Yards $2.45


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Item 20001

Baby Maize

Item 20002

Light Pink

Item 20003


Item 20003a

Light Blue

Item 20004


Item 20005

Blue Mist

Item 20005a


Item 20006

Old Willow

Item 20007

Hunter Green

Item 20008

Apple Green

Item 20009


Item 20010


Item 20011


Item 20012

Light Gold

Item 20014

Old Gold

Item 20015


Item 20016


Item 20017


Item 200181


Item 20019


Item 20021


Item 20023

Royal Blue

Item 20025

Rose Mauve

Item 200261


Item 20028


Item 20030


Item 20033

Chocolate Brown

Item 20038


Item 20039

Feather Edge Satin Ribbon made from flexible and high-quality material is perfect for an array of creative projects. If you are looking for wholesale satin ribbon, you can buy them very cheaply online. You can also make single purchases for both domestic and industrial use. Both Feather Edge Satin Ribbon and Picot Edge Satin Ribbon can be found under a string of colors of various hues. The ribbons have been given designs and cut so that they can be used in any sort of creative weaving or designing. These ribbons are available in three basic formats: Roll, Bolt, and Circle.

There are a few other features and benefits of Feather Edge Satin Ribbon. To begin with, they are conducive for creative projects. These ribbons are made with materials of international standard. High on durability, flexibility, and resilience, these ribbons are useful for any type of creative work. These ribbons can be used for diverse purposes. You can use them for clothing, for decoration, and also for plain crafts work. They are strong and flexible, so they are appropriate for clothing or handicrafts. Also, being colorful and attractive, they make for excellent decorative objects. The ribbons can be used in birthday parties and corporate events: Picot Edge Satin Ribbon is one of the favorites when it comes to decorating walls for birthday parties or even for corporate events. These ribbons heighten the beauty of a room very effortlessly and create a perfectly colorful ambiance for revelries. These ribbons can be used for floral projects as well, especially while making bouquets (with glamorous colored ribbons) or wreaths (with soft colored ribbons). Whether you want to buy individual pieces or bulk quantity of wholesale satin ribbon, you will be pleased with the prices, which are set as low as possible on the popular ribbon online store named BBCrafts ribbon store.