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Satin Ribbon Thick Wired Edge

satin ribbon thick wired edge

Satin ribbon thick wired edge marvelously locks in the elegant sleekness, shimmering glossiness and splendid grandeur of satin. It is ideal for making corsages and wedding bouquets, decorating bonbonniere and other wedding favors, and bedecking invitation cards. The extra width is well-supported by slender,yet strong wires on the edges, and owing to the support, it becomes relatively easier for you to use the ribbon to create a variety of dramatically beautiful crafts.

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Prices Shown are Per Spool Price, Not per Yard.

Width Length As Low As
1-1/2 inch 10 Yards $2.09
2-1/2 inch 10 Yards $2.79


  • Total record: 32


Item 95020901

Light Pink

Item 95020903

Light Blue

Item 95020904


Item 95020906

Hunter Green

Item 95020907

Spring Moss

Item 95020908

Apple Green

Item 95020909


Item 95020910


Item 95020911


Item 95020912


Item 95020915


Item 95020916


Item 95020917


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Item 95020919


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Item 95020922


Item 95020923

Royal Blue

Item 95020925


Item 95020926

Navy Blue

Item 95020927


Item 95020928


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Item 95020930


Item 95020931

Colonial Rose

Item 95020934


Item 95020936

Chocolate Brown

Item 95020938


Item 95020939


Item 95020943

Hot Pink

Item 95020944

Aqua Blue

Item 95020945

The Beautifying Satin Ribbon Thick Wired Edge Satin ribbon thick wired edge is one of the premium products manufactured by BBCrafts. This is one product that has been popular due to its varied uses in various quarters of the apparel fraternity. Wired satin ribbon indeed makes the clothing look beautiful.

Thick wired edge ribbon has found diverse applications and it is available with us for sale under various formats. We are into selling satin ribbon thick wired edge both in wholesale as well as single purchases. The buyers of our thick wired edge ribbon come in touch with us from all over the world and there has never been a single complaint regarding the quality of our products. Be it a marriage gown or a party gown or even any other fancy dress, the glamour as well as beauty of the dress increases many fold after adding the wired lace ribbons to it. Thus, there is hardly any speck of doubt about the reasons for its popularity. The length of these ribbons varies and comes under two variants. It is available under both 1-1/2 inches width as well as 2-1/2 inches and the standard length for these laces is 10 yards. The prices for these ribbons start for as low as $2.5 and thus one can get these beautifying ribbons for throw away prices. What’s more is that these ribbons are available in a host of different but electrifying colors that catch the fancy of any individual. So, customers have the option to choose from a lot of variants of the ribbons having edges that are wired thickly. Interested customers and buyers can get in touch with us in order to know more about satin ribbon thick wired edge and can also order the same in as much quantity as they want. The delivery of our products is also at a very fast pace and we do meet deadlines of delivery as well.