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Flower Trail

Beautiful flower trail arrangements garnering your wedding accessories will give you divine look.Bring graceful style in your hair bows and wedding dress edges with our flower trail ribbons that are available in all new trendy colors. Party backdrops and wedding candid moments will be delightful with our stylish flower ribbons. We sell wholesale flower ribbons in BBcrafts.

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Flower trail ribbons, especially the organza ruff type, are a great way to add personality to any flower trail or wedding bouquet. Although, the bouquet itself comprises of flowers appropriate for a wedding ceremony, flower ribbons can work wonders on your special day.

Let us examine the following tips for adding ribbons to a flower trail. Step 1: Select the appropriate combinations of ribbons, depending upon your bouquet type, occasion, and size. Some wedding bouquets use lace or white satin ribbons, but organza ruffled ones look even better for the occasion. The style and color of the ribbons must not clash with the pattern and look of the flower trails. Step 2: Mingle ribbons among the flowers, with flourishes and bows, using a wire to keep the ribbons in place. Use a floral tape to attach the wires to the bouquet, and wrap the ribbon around this wire in order to keep it hidden from view. Create a hand-tie or bow appearance, while trailing the ribbons near the bottom of the bouquet. The ribbons do not require wire for this procedure. Step 3: Wrap the flower ribbon around your bouquet once or twice, and tie it into a bow. Attach the first ribbon wrap around the neck of the bouquet through a floral tape to keep it in place. If you need to create ribbon loops or bows around the flowers, simply create wire loops to form the ribbon around the wire and create the desired shape. Use a floral tape to attach the wire to these ribbons. Step 4: Tie the ribbon into your desired shape of a loop or bow. Creating a bow is quite easy, as you need to take both ends and tie them as if tying your shoelace. However, you need to ensure that the ends meet at the same point and the ribbon faces the correct position before pulling it tightly. Thus, you can use organza flower ribbons for decoration, to surprise your friends and make your wedding a truly memorable affair. The flower trail ribbons BBCrafts offer are certain to be just what you need for your event. We have several colors and styles, so you can be assured you will find one to match your theme.