Organza Ruffled

BBCrafts offer organza ruffled ribbon that adds a unique touch of femininity and whimsy to the items. It is the translucent material widely used to create elegant ribbons for dress, stylish bows or rosettes for bags. This beautiful, soft organza ruffled ribbon can be used with other fabrics also such as satin and lace to design a bridal purse or evening bag. You can get various colors of organza ruffled ribbon.

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One Size - 50 Yards 2.10 lbs $45.00


  • Total record: 23

Light Pink

Item 30003 As Low As $45.00

Antique Blue

Item 30005 As Low As $45.00


Item 30007 As Low As $45.00

Old Willow

Item 30008 As Low As $45.00

Apple Green

Item 30009 As Low As $45.00


Item 30010 As Low As $45.00


Item 30011 As Low As $45.00

Old Gold

Item 30015 As Low As $45.00


Item 30017 As Low As $45.00


Item 30019 As Low As $45.00


Item 30023 As Low As $45.00

Royal Blue

Item 30025 As Low As $45.00


Item 30028 As Low As $45.00


Item 30030 As Low As $45.00


Item 30031 As Low As $45.00


Item 30034 As Low As $45.00

Chocolate Brown

Item 30038 As Low As $45.00

Baby Maize

Item 50002 As Low As $45.00


Item 50006 As Low As $45.00


Item 50012 As Low As $45.00


Item 50018 As Low As $45.00

Royal Blue

Item 50025 As Low As $45.00


Item 50030 As Low As $45.00
  • Total record: 23

Do you need to organize a decoration for that special wedding you were assigned with? There are a number of organza ruffled ribbons that you can choose from. Ruffled ribbon is a sure choice whenever you need to make a decoration look simply special.

Flowers and bouquets can look especially charming with the use of specialized ribbons that are available in the market today. Organza ruffled ribbons can make your decorative bouquets look much more charming without having to make them look over-decorated. A good choice of organza ribbon that can match the flowers and the walls of your space can give a miraculous change for that very special wedding you wish to organize. A wide array of styles and colors are available and you can even choose to buy them wholesale or not, depending on the measurements you need for that specific event you need to organize. Wholesale organza ruffles are available in the market with a wide variety of colors to choose from. From the palest pink to the darkest red, you can always opt to choose whichever color is most appropriate for that event you will need to organize and for that space you will need to decorate. Specialized ribbons can simply make your space much more beautiful and can make the ambiance simply the most apt one for any special event. Because any space with ribbons and flowers can always look more beautiful and more special in a way, the ability to choose what is most applicable for an occasion is a must. With the many colors to choose from, you can simply match your set of bouquets and vases and walls with any of the ribbons that may seem more apt for them. All in all, you would be able to make a most breath-taking appearance that will surely make an event truly special and worth remembering.

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