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Twill Tape

Our versatile and elegant twill tape is made of 100% cotton is attainable in various colors. Separate printed twill tape for girls and boys is also available in unique designs. Twill tape is widely used for chair cushion ties, designing table runners and mats, decorate shopping or other bag, in dressmaking and to make pillows appealing. You can also add beauty to your craft work with twill tape.

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Sweet Baby Boy

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Cute as a Button...

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Home is the Love...

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Twill Tape Ribbon comes in a wide variety of colors and textures. They are generally made of cotton, linen, wool, or polyester. Most wholesale dealers stock mostly cotton twill tape ribbons in various colors and widths.

Twill tape is very inexpensive and very useful for tailoring and sewing purposes, as it helps to make casings, reinforce seams, making sturdy ties, and bind edges. Twill tape is quite valuable in packing scenery or cables, or to simply tie curtains loosely. It is also useful for binding cable coils, as it does not allow them to unroll. These twill tape wholesale is available for purchase both online and offline in the market. The medium weight tapes are useful for most sewing and crafting work, and are also available in smaller roll sizes. However, twill tape ribbon is sold only in spools of 25 yards in length when purchased wholesale. There are many designs and colors available for this wholesale range. Twill tapes come in varying widths in the market, but a large number of dealers, stock only tapes with the most useful and ideal width of 5/8 inches. Twill tape ribbons provide the best option for all types of tape printing, as it is glossy, lightweight, and features a rich look when used in conjunction with gowns and other elegant outfits. It is also put on hospital gowns around the waist to help them close. However, pre-printed tapes do not require any type of printing and are available for all occasions like baby showers or wedding anniversaries. These are also perfect for dinner table decorations for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter Sunday parties. BB Crafts sells 100% Cotton material and is the right place for making your twill tape wholesale purchases. Visit our online store to book your order right now, and we will ship it to your doorstep within no time! We also have a 30 days exchange policy!