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There are various types of specialty ribbons in the market like organza, grosgrain, metallic and satin ribbons.

You can do a lot with these ribbons like decorating gift items or even creating bookmarks. A bookmark design helps you vent out your creativity and project your own individuality by sharing them with others. You can use some bookmarks with gifting for holidays or birthdays. In addition, you can present them in the form of a bunch at parties or baby showers. Your daughter and her colleagues will love to try their hands at making bookmarks. Do not forget to create one for your own self. Create a bookmark Use organza specialty ribbons for bookmarks as they come in a wide variety of patterns and colors suitable for all purposes. Choose a piece of ribbon, which is around half an inch in length. Use charms Split rings are perfect for beaded jewelry design. Place your charms on an 8mm split silver ring. It will look like a small key ring, as the charms will individualize your bookmarks. Thread the ends of your organza specialty ribbon through the split ring. Tie a single knot around this ring. You will have a charm attached to the ends of the organza bookmark. The two charms dangle from the bottom and top of the book, thereby securing the page until you come back. You may also like to modify the project for young kids. This uses larger specialty ribbons along with a couple of key rings. You can lengthen the specialty ribbon, as children books are bigger than usual books. Moreover, one can also use tassels and beads as a replacement for charms. Thus, you can stand out from the crowd by using these types of ribbons for all your bookmarking needs. Don't lose to get wholesale prices, you'll get membership!