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Giant Organza Circle Wrapper

giant organza circle wrapper

Giant organza circle wrapper adds elegance look to your party gifts. Decorate your party essentials and presentations with our organza wrapper. you can create any kind of craft works with the help of our wholesale organza circle wrappers.

Price Shown is for 1 Pack of 12 Pieces

Organza Circles are Not Wired

Width Length As Low As
18 inch 12 Pieces $4.45
28 inch 12 Pieces $6.69


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white with silver edge

White with Silve...

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white with white edge

White with White...

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pink with pink edge

Pink With Pink E...

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Non-Wired Organza Circular Wrap to enhance your gift-packing paradigm

Non- Wired Organza Circular Wrap are used to wrap your gift, craft project or any large thing all you need to put the wrap beneath the thing and then you have to raised it and tied it at the top. They often come with stylish rope to tie them up. They can also used for decoration as their threads are very delicate and light enter in it which gives a sparkling effect to it. They are also used to pack the wine or Champaign. Even many of the products come with the organza circular wrap. They can provide a royal look to your gift and make it visible in the crowd. Durability and Creativity: They are made up of tulle fiber which is delicate to see but highly durable. Even they can be used to pack the heavy items. They can be your best companion in terms of your creativity, you can give a new look to your creative item. These circular wrap are used for decorating your home and even you can use them for special occasion. Non-Wired Organza Circular Wrap is the best choice in every term as it will also be very economic to your pocket. They do come in various shapes and size but you can personalize them accordingly. You can also avail them with some discount with the help of coupon codes. They are becoming very famous due to online availability and also you can find a wide variety of them. Use of Non-Wired Organza Circular Wrap: The Organza Circular Wrap has wired all rounds their which give a perfect shape while wrapping. The items wrap in the wired organza circular wrap looks very beautiful. You can match & mix various varieties and colors and avail an extra discount. Their sizes are generally differing in inches. Non-Wired Organza Circular Wrap can be in satin or in nylon as well.