Organza Circle with Satin Edge

organza circle with satin edge

Organza circle with satin edge gives you a sheer soft touch and feel in your wardrobe decorations. It is available in all color ranges and shades. You can use our organza with satin edge in all aspects of your wedding decorations. Wrap your gifts, Ribbon for hair style designs, and for floral arrangements.

It’s coming in 25 inch in perfect cut and satin lined faces. Our pre-made Organza circles with satin edge shorten your time with less effort in lining organza circles with satin edges. Its available in wholesale order with less amount and best offers.

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Organza Circle with Satin Edge - Add Beautify Your Gift Packs! Organza is a fine material woven in a special way to give it a royal look. It is the weave that gives it the name it has got. It is a tight woven fabric with twisted fibers. It has great strength yet looks elegant and transparent. Due to lot of popularity, genius went ahead to explore it more to provide it better platform and utility.

We get organza circle with satin edge to make it look more tempting. The circles were created so far have gained a great acceptance. It still has the same elegant look. Organza circle with satin edge can also be made from various other materials like cotton, nylon or rayon. It will be organza so far but will not possess the same royal feel fall as silk organza will have. Appearance: Organza circle with satin edge does have a grand look that is usually picked up for packing party favors. They are filled with the gift in the centre and pulled together at the top and tied with ribbon or tassels to pack it. The satin edge gives it a complete and marvelous look. Sometimes the silk untwisted thread is sewed in running stitch, a inch below the satin edge and after the gift is set in the middle, the both ends are pulled together to make a pouch bag and tied together with a knot. 6” organza looks small but used to hold very valuable gifts such as gold or silver coins, fake jewelry or chocolates and so on. Idea is to make it more personal. Accessory: Also in fashion industry organza circle with satin edge can be used to make fabric accessory like ear ring, necklace bracelets. It can add a little drama to simple looking cloth. A bit of embroidery in between and patched together in a dress will add value. A lot of things can be done with this small 6” organza with satin edge.