Organza Fabric 6 inch

organza fabric 6 inch

Organza fabric 6 inch comes in all dazzling colors and shades with exciting wholesale offers and price. It is used in every special occasions and party. Organza fabric can be used as table runners, wrapping gifts and hairstyle, wardrobe decorations. It is the best choice for the party organizers as our organza fabric has versatile usages in all their party decorations.

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Item 14701
baby maize

Baby Maize

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Item 14703

Light Blue

Item 14704


Item 14706

Old Willow

Item 14708

Apple Green

Item 14709


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Purple Haze

Item 14711PH


Item 14712

Old Gold

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Royal Blue

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navy blue

Navy Blue

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Item 14733

Colonial Rose

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Shocking Pink

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Aqua Blue

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Item 14746

6 inch organza decorative accessory at its best! Organza is a thin, plain weave, sheer fabric traditionally made from silk. The name inch organza inch refers to a tight weave of twisted fibers. So even cotton, nylon or rayon is woven with the same technique it will also be called organza.

But it will not possess the same fabric property as in silk. 6 inch organza is used for decorative purpose. There are occasions when organza is used to make it look grand. The silk content make it visually and particularly more royal. Generally it is available in roll form. The uses of 6 inch organza are many. It can be used as ribbon to decorate the party. It can be used to add a little drama to a stuff toy. It can be used as frills in the dress of the toy doll. It can be curtains of the doll house. It can be used to accessories the baby’s room. It can be used as tie knot instead of tassels for curtain. In the same way in can be used in the garments. It can be embroidered and used in the ethnic wear as lace. It can be used to make coin bags for special occasion. Or can be used to add glimmer to the invitation card or a special gift wrap. A little embroidery can make it look more unique and personal. 6 inch organza can look like small but can do wonders. Organza has a good strength so can be clubbed with other fabric and used in garments. In nutshell it can be used to do appliqué work. By adjoining many 6 inch organza material of same or multicolor we can create a base fabric. It can be further worked on to give it an unusual look. It has such transparent look that it can be used both as lining material or main material to create products for various ends.

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