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Premium Tulle Circle

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Premium tulle fabric is our quality fabric tulle product that gives you soft finish and elegant look to any craft works. Make it useful in each of your party decorations. Available in all different colors, you can choose your colors and shades. Give an adorable look to your wardrobes and accessories. Tulle's are excellent wardrobe enhancer to all the girls. Flaunt your own tulle costume by using our premium tulle fabric. We make you warm with our exciting offers and flat discounts for every purchase of our brand premium tulle fabric materials.

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9 inch 25 Pieces $1.99
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Item 14201

Baby Maize

Item 14202

Light Pink

Item 14203

Light Blue

Item 14204

Smoke Blue

Item 14205

Hunter Green

Item 14207

Apple Green

Item 14209


Item 14210


Item 14211


Item 14212

Old Gold

Item 14215


Item 14216


Item 14217


Item 14218


Item 14219


Item 14221


Item 14222

Royal Blue

Item 14225

Navy Blue

Item 14227


Item 14228


Item 14230


Item 14234


Item 14236

Chocolate Brown

Item 14238


Item 14239

Shocking Pink

Item 14244

Aqua Blue

Item 14245

It is all about tulle circle! Circles in fabric can do really good in fashion terms. Tulle fabric is a hexagonal mesh fabric. It is machine knitted. It has got a flexibility and strength. It looks delicate but use is versatile. According to the fibers used in knitting it appears visually simple to glam both. If raw fiber is used it can be dyed later in solids or pattern to suit the end use. Tulle circle of various diameters can give us variety of thought to use them in innovative way. It can be edged with proper selvedge or left fray as per the need.

Tulle circle can be use both in decorating a place, garment, accessorizing a gift or garment and last but not the least it can also be used to gift pack things. Circle of various sizes can be clubbed together and worked on to decorate an event. With same color theme or multicolor a place can be worked out well. Gingham look of the tulle circle made from multi-dyed fiber can give it a royal look and can be used in gift packing. A small touch of embroidery or surface embellishment can give the circles a different look to explore with. Small tulle can be worked out to make fake flower bouquet. Tulle circles give our ideas wings to make the ordinary thing so special. Te knit structure further ads to the versatility of the object. It needs a care factor to run for long life. It should not be exposed to extreme condition as it will lose its delicacy. After washing from gentle soap it should be kept for drip drying. Fabric conditioner can be used to soften the fabric or it can also be starched to meet the desired result. Tulle fabrics are of great use and can make things look unique.