12 Inch x 25 Yards

12 Inch x 25 Yards

Description of the product

  • Length: 12 inch x 25 yards
  • Count: 1 roll

At BB Crafts, we offer our Tulle fabric is made from 100% high-quality nylon and measure in the size of 12 inch x 25 yards. This tulle is considered as the perfect decoration fabrics for wedding, parties, tutus and special occasions that give a magnificent look to your decoration. It comes in a variety of beautiful colors including Apple, Aqua, Black, Burgundy, Chocolate, Gold, Light Blue and much more.

If you are looking for an online website that can provide you with high-quality of tulle roll, you are at the right place. At BB Crafts, you will find varieties of fabrics that meet your requirements. It is one- stop solution, which can supply you with an attractive tulle fabric.

You can cut these rolls to the desired length and make innovative designs. These tulle rolls can make your wedding space more beautiful. This roll is one of the great fabrics of event planners & florists due to its multi-usage and cost-effective price. So, if you want to bring an impressive luxurious feel to your celebrations at an affordable price then use our tulle rolls.

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