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Wedding Ribbons and wedding cakes ribbons go hand in hand for some decoration purposes.

You can twist a narrow ribbon on the cake to replicate the detailing of the bride’s dress. Alternatively, you can make ribbon rosettes for the cake topping. Further, you can wrap a ribbon around the bottom of the cake. An interesting way to attach ribbons to your cake is by replacing the glue with butter cream frosting so that the ribbon sticks to the surface easily without spoiling the look. How to utilize butter cream frosting with your ribbon ? Firstly, select a wide ribbon in a suitable color to co-ordinate with the wedding color or the color to be used on your cake. It could be any type of wedding ribbon like organza wedding bell or sheer metallic ribbon. ? Measure the circumference of your cake and cut portions of the ribbon accordingly. Add an inch of ribbon to its length in order to allow some space for its seam ? Iron the ribbon strips to make them smoother before use ? Apply some butter cream icing on the wedding ribbon ? Now, place the cake on the Suzanne to enable yourself to spin it while working with the ribbon. ? Stick the ribbon’s end to the center back portion of your cake. ? Use your fingers to smooth out the ribbon as you spin the cake and wrap a ribbon around ? Do not use too much of pressure as it can indent the ribbon ? Overlap both the ends of your ribbon ? Put a pea-sized dab of icing between the ends of the wedding ribbon, which will act as glue to hold its ends together. Now, you are done. Your wedding cake will look more appealing than you ever would have thought. Your guests will be truly thrilled by your presentation. Don't lose to get wholesale prices, you'll get membership!