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Organza Chair Sashes (8" x 108")

organza chair sashes

Looking for beautiful organza sashes for your event to make perfect chair bows? BBCrafts has everything you are looking for. As the manufacture for organza chair sashes, DIY chair bows, we carry more than 27 colors and it's all in stock and ready to be shipped within 48-72 business hours. he shimmering organza sashes adds the elegance beautifully in all your reception and ceremony decorations. Our sashes are easy to use, high quality materials that holds a perfect chair bow when you put it on the chairs.

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Product Information Weight As Low As
Pack of 10 Piece - 8 Inches x 108 Inches 0.40 lbs $3.80


  • Total record: 27

white organza chair sash


Item XB33701 As Low As $3.80
baby maize organza chair sash

Baby Maize

Item XB33702 As Low As $3.80
pink organza chair sash


Item XB33703 As Low As $3.80
light blue organza chair sash

Light Blue

Item XB33704 As Low As $3.80
mint organza chair sash


Item XB33706 As Low As $3.80
spring moss organza chair sash

Spring Moss

Item XB33708 As Low As $3.80
apple green organza chair sash

Apple Green

Item XB33709 As Low As $3.80
wine organza chair sash


Item XB33710 As Low As $3.80
purple organza chair sash


Item XB33711 As Low As $3.80
red organza chair sash


Item XB33712 As Low As $3.80
old gold organza chair sash

Old Gold

Item XB33715 As Low As $3.80
silver organza chair sash


Item XB33716 As Low As $3.80
ivory organza chair sash


Item XB33718 As Low As $3.80
orange organza chair sash


Item XB33719 As Low As $3.80
black organza chair sash


Item XB33721 As Low As $3.80
daffodil organza chair sash


Item XB33722 As Low As $3.80
royal blue organza chair sash

Royal Blue

Item XB33725 As Low As $3.80
navy organza chair sash


Item XB33727 As Low As $3.80
fuchsia organza chair sash


Item XB33728 As Low As $3.80
lavender organza chair sash


Item XB33730 As Low As $3.80
colonial rose organza chair sash

Colonial Rose

Item XB33734 As Low As $3.80
plum organza chair sash


Item XB33736 As Low As $3.80
chocolate brown organza chair sash

Chocolate Brown

Item XB33738 As Low As $3.80
turquoise organza chair sash


Item XB33739 As Low As $3.80
hot pink organza chair sash

Hot Pink

Item XB33744 As Low As $3.80
aqua blue organza chair sash

Aqua Blue

Item XB33745 As Low As $3.80
coral organza chair sash


Item XB33746 As Low As $3.80
  • Total record: 27

Nature created butterfly most delicate and beautiful creature. Man created Organza Chair Sash to add the same beauty on chairs to the most precious eventful moments of your life. Making a perfect chair bow with our elegant, high quality nylon organza chair sashes!

Organza Chair Sash:

They can be bought online and come in various colors. But of course, the texture is of the organza fabric that gives it the delicate look yet the proper hold. The colors are as immense as the nature itself offers. Ranging from Red to purple, orange to coral and green to copper, aqua blue to turquoise, burgundy to gold, you name it and they offer it. The more the better for you never know, it might be the contrast or the same color that you would please your eyes. As a matter of fact more Chair Sash are offered in more than 20 colors.

How to choose the Organza Chair Sash:

  1. Choose the one that has a contrast color as compared to your chair covers to give them that special highlight.
  2. It must suit the height and width of the chair as well when fitted on the chair.
  3. To create a striking contrast with the overall color scheme or to pick a shuttle one is purely your personal choice though the contrast is recommended for that special effect.

Organza Chair Sash definitely adds the element of fantasy and helps create that elegant look that one often dreams of when creating a mesmerizing grand event. What a tie is for a suit and what a necklace is to an elegant evening gown, it is same effect that a Chair Sash ads to a chair of a memorable and mesmerizing event. Shop online and see if you can get yourself a great deal without bargaining on a bulk order. Placing a bulk order is really convenient for the wedding planners and even you can place an order in bulk if you have friends as well as family joining in.