Silk Flower Petal

silk flower petal

Flowers are the one of most costly expenses you have to pay for your wedding. We understand it and we have a solution. Introducing the 100% Polyester Silk Flower Rose Petals. These rose petals are perfect for you to spread on the aisle or on your dining table, inside of the flower girl baskets and it's only a fraction of the actual rose petals. With our flat rate shipping, you will save tons of money while maintaining the perfect wedding decorations of your dream.

Bulk and retail customers are capable to buy from us at affordable pricing without least necessities!

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400 Petals 0.30 lbs $3.99


  • Total record: 22


Item LB1009001 As Low As $3.99

Light Pink

Item LB1009003 As Low As $3.99

Light Blue

Item LB1009004 As Low As $3.99


Item LB1009006 As Low As $3.99


Item LB1009008A As Low As $3.99

Apple Green

Item LB1009009 As Low As $3.99


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Item LB1009011 As Low As $3.99

Purple Haze

Item LB1009011H As Low As $3.99


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  • Total record: 22

Flower Rose Petals - Soft as a Petal, Durable as a Metal

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