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A perfect wedding is the product of careful attention to a thousand details. It’s the little touches that matter. Are you looking for candy, ribbon, or place card holders to add a bit of flair to your tables? Or the little extra detail for your flower girl’s basket or ring bearer’s pillow? Search our wedding accessories section and find the items your need to make your event beautiful and memorable.

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White Ivory

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Must have wedding accessories are some of the essentials, which are required to complete the small details of the wedding ceremony or reception. After all, God lies in details. And it is the biggest day of your life. Don’t you want to be just perfect?

So during the initial process, make a list that includes all basic accessories matching the theme or the wedding style. So which basics that you need to add final touches to the wedding ceremony or reception? Well these wedding accessories are very popular. Each of these wedding accessories has some purpose and need addition to a bride's commotion list. Basic wedding accessories 1. First basic is the flower girl’s basket. Wedding ceremonies usually have a flower girl carrying a basket, tossing flowers on the wedding aisle just before the bride comes to the altar. 2. Second basic accessory is a wedding ring pillow. A ring bearer patiently holds it and presents the wedding rings when the couple exchanges their vows. 3. Books and pen sets are presented right at the entrance to the guests so that they can sign and leave a personal message with best wishes for the marrying couple. 4. Wedding cake toppers add that final touches to a wedding cake. There are many designs like comic or monogrammed or themed that helps to create a nice and perfect cake. 5. Wedding cakes serving set is one of the must have wedding accessories. The couples when cut the first piece of cake to need the serving set share it. For your wedding planning, an important thing is a checklist of the complete plan that you need to accomplish. This will help you a lot, right from the very beginning until the very end of the wedding day.