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Wedding Invitation

Inviting your lovable ones for your special occasions is always priceless. Be unique in giving your own personalized ideas in your wedding cards. We provide you with large number of templates and colors. Choose your own Microsoft template that gives your passionate towards designing your wedding cards. For more about wedding card templates visit our store.

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Rose Frame

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Mis Quince

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Chocolate Daisy ...

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Monogram Invitat...

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Simply Elegant I...

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Darling Dots

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Joined Together

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Joined Together

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Two Hearts

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Bride's Dress an...

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Witness the Grandeur - Wedding Invitations

Grand Plans for a Grand Occasion It’s a once in a lifetime occasion when a couple exchange vows of ‘Till Death Do Us Apart’ and that occasion calls for the world to be present. Hence a wedding invitation plays a very important role in the event that is planned so meticulously. It has to be unique in all manners. Not Just an Invitation but a Card to Remember The invitations that are on view here spoil the viewer for choice and leave the couple spellbound with so many choices. The wedding invitation they choose for the grand occasion will surely be a thing that can act as a keepsake for the future for all the guests that are present at the event. A wide array of choices is available to be spoilt and they are not as expensive as one would make them out to be. Browse, Design and Order The best thing about these wedding invitation cards are that they can be viewed and designed online. The couple may customize it to their choice of designs or the fonts, the color of the card and envelope, etc. and pay online with the date that they would like the printed cards to be sent to an address that they choose. This feature is very convenient and scores the most brownie points with the clients that look to de3signing and customizing the cards to suit their individual choices. As a matter of fact, they can choose different designs for the different kinds of guest list that they may have prepared. Divide and Role Some may be invited for the full event, some maybe invited only for the reception, and thus they can customize the wedding invitation cards to that effect. This feature takes the hassle out of the categorizing the wedding invitation cards after they are delivered. And the couple need to just worry about the actual process of invitation, rather than the sorting of the cards.