Wedding Toasting Flute

Wedding Toasting Flute

When the ceremony is over and the reception begins, everyone in the room will raise a glass to the beautiful couple taking center stage. Champagne flutes will be raised and every glass in the room will be overflowing with joy and good wishes. But the most beautiful glasses should be the ones held by the happy bride and groom. And when the toast has passed and the festivities are over, your toasting flutes should serve as mementos that bring back that happy day whenever you look at them. Our toasting flutes are available in several styles, each one unique and elegant, just like your celebration. Choose a delicate, long stemmed glass set with an entwined heart motif, or a pair of glasses with eggshell-fine cups and stately silver stems. Some of our most popular designs feature crystal cups set atop elegant porcelain stems with romantic motifs that match the theme of your event.  

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Interlocking hearts design toasting flutes

Interlocking hea...

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Butterfly design toasting flutes

Butterfly design...

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Finishing Touches  Collection beach themed champagne flutes

Finishing Touche...

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Sparkling Love Flutes

Sparkling Love F...

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Entwined Hearts Flutes

Entwined Hearts ...

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Simply Autumn Flutes

Simply Autumn Fl...

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Glittering Beads Flutes

Glittering Beads...

Item HBH10053 As Low As $55.98
Married My Friend Flutes

Married My Frien...

Item HBH10092 As Low As $29.00
"Country Flair" Flutes

"Country Flair" ...

Item HBH29214 As Low As $37.97
Black Stemmed Bride and Groom Flutes

Black Stemmed Br...

Item HBH30993 As Low As $51.41
"Simply Sweet" Flutes

"Simply Sweet" F...

Item HBH32133 As Low As $29.10
Raindrop Flutes

Raindrop Flutes

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"Together at Last" Mr. and Mrs. Flutes

"Together at Las...

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"Heart's Desire" Flutes

"Heart's Desire"...

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Crystal Ball Flutes

Crystal Ball Flu...

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Love Knot Flutes

Love Knot Flutes

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Melodious Toasting Flute

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