Premium Crystal Organza Fabrics

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Premium Crystal Organza Fabrics
60 Inch x 25 Yards
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A layer of draped organza adds elegance, dimension and formality to whatever lies beneath, from a colorful silk gown to a polished oak tabletop. Organza has the power to mute, blend, harmonize and create texture that brings other fabrics to life. But our crystal organza takes this effect a step further. With a fine, silvery thread woven subtly throughout the fabric, crystal organza throws back the light and gives off a deep, hypnotizing shimmer. Few things suggest richness and elegance like crystal organza reflecting candlelight or glittering in the footlights of a stage. Choose the color that adds the perfect suggestion of starlight to your d├ęcor, craft project or dress design. 

Our crystal organza, like most of our premium fabrics, is available at a discount for higher volumes. Mix and match colors for quantity discount pricing. For details and specific pricing information, click on individual colors. 

Mix & Match Color to obtain quantity discount. Please click on any picture to see the price level.

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