Premium Organza Fabric

Premium Organza fabric collections are colorful and the elegant touch that gives fine look to your organza table covers and bags. Your craft works with our Premium Organza bags gives you soft, smooth and mild finish that attracts your guests in special occasions. View our wide range of Organza fabric materials with its features and other details. Your interior home designed with using our Organza fabric enhances the beauty of your home. Style your accessories with Organza fabrics that come in different shades and colors. Cherish your craft works at house old items like wall hangings, drapes and curtains. Visit to see more from Organza fabric collections and our offers.

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Width Length As Low As
60 inch 10 Yards $7.99
60 inch 25 Yards $17.99


  • Total record: 25

white organza fabric 60 inch


Item 122201
baby maize organza fabric 60 inch

Baby Maize

Item 122202
pink organza fabric 60 inch


Item 122203
light blue organza fabric 60 inch

Light Blue

Item 122204
spring moss organza fabric 60 inch

Spring Moss

Item 122208

Apple Green

Item 122209
burgundy organza fabric 60 inch


Item 122210
purple organza fabric 60 inch


Item 122211
red organza fabric 60 inch


Item 122212
old gold organza fabric 60 inch

Old Gold

Item 122215
silver organza fabric 60 inch


Item 122216
ivory organza fabric 60 inch


Item 122218
orange organza fabric 60 inch


Item 122219
black organza fabric 60 inch


Item 122221
yellow organza fabric 60 inch


Item 122222
royal blue organza fabric 60 inch

Royal Blue

Item 122225
navy organza fabric 60 inch


Item 122227
fuchsia organza fabric 60 inch


Item 122228
lavender organza fabric 60 inch


Item 122230
toffee organza fabric 60 inch


Item 122235
plum organza fabric 60 inch


Item 122236
chocolate brown organza fabric 60 inch

Chocolate Brown

Item 122238
turquoise organza fabric 60 inch


Item 122239
shocking pink organza fabric 60 inch

Shocking Pink

Item 122244
light gold organza fabric 60 inch

Light Gold

Item 122249

Exploring the Many Wonders of Organza Fabric! Organza fabric can be fully synthetic, or completely silk or a mix of both. It is a somewhat stiff fabric and it lends the final formal touch to any dress or gown making it appropriate for that special occasion in your life.

This fabric can add volume to your dress and can help turn the same ordinary dress into an extraordinary one. Available in many colors like pink, light blue, apple green, ivory, peach, fuchsia, lavender and more, this fabric material has a wide range of uses, serving many different purposes at different times. Organza fabric is often considered to be the best choice when it comes to selecting a fabric for your wedding day gown. They add a puff to the lower part of the wedding gown and this is what distinguishes the dress of the bride from that of the rest of the crowd. Thus, you must choose organza fabric to get that perfect look and to make the most important day of your life even better. Using this type of a material in your evening or wedding gown, without doubt, makes a fashion statement to the rest of the people. Thus, having an organza gown in your wardrobe is a must for all those beautiful fashion forward ladies out there! However, in addition to this, organza fabric is also used for interior decoration purpose for instance to make decorative pieces such as fabric flowers, organza ribbons, ribbon bows, and many more. You can also make curtains and tablecloths out of this fabric to add style to your home. Organza ribbon bows can be used for beautifying gifts and other such items. Besides, flowers made out of organza fabric definitely add a touch of beauty and elegance to your special event. These types of decorations and flower arrangements are often used in wedding parties as well.

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