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Two Tone Organza Overlays

two tone organza overlays

Two tone organza fabrics with its toned double shades of colors gives you powerful look to your accessories. The type of color combinations you choose to mingle up for your craft works decides the admiring look of your accessories. Make your home rooms fabulous with our two toned overlays that adds value to your drapes, wall hangings and curtains. Two toned overlays comes in width of 26 inches and length pf 108 inches with affordable price. To get more details, visit our website and get your style range of overlays colors.

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Width Length As Low As
28 inch 108 Inches $2.69


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Fuchsia Green

Item XB43703

Blue Green

Item XB43704

Mauve Blue

Item XB43705

Red Blue

Item XB43706

Green Black

Item XB43707

Red Green

Item xb43708

Gold Gold

Item XB43709

Red Gold

Item XB43710

Silver Black

Item XB43711

Copper Black

Item XB43712

Gold Black

Item XB43713

Two Tone Organza Overlays for Exclusivity and Beauty! If you want to add that extra bit to your evening gown or dress to make it look great, two tone organza overlays is just the right option for you. Adding this material to your already beautiful gown can help to further enhance your overall look.

It will not only make your dress dazzling but will also contribute in making you look extremely pretty. As the very name suggests, two tone organza overlays adopt two tones or shades of colors which add a very unique styling to your clothes. It lends an extraordinary richness to your dress and gives it a very royal and elegant look. While the lovely organza fabric adds volume and perfection to your dress, two tone organza overlays have the capacity to add a depth to your clothes which is difficult to find otherwise. Colors can be mixed and matched with each other according to individual preference and the fabric can be styled and designed in a way to make your dress an exclusive piece. For instance, gold when intertwined with colors like pink, orange, light blue or crimson gives a very exquisite look. There is such a huge variety of shades and color combinations that are available in this fabric that you are sure to find one that will attract you. Two tone organza overlays are not only used in dresses and gowns, but are also often used in decors, curtains and other such stuff to make a place look beautiful. Thus, these fabrics are another name for extravagance and being an amalgamation of different shades, they can add uniqueness to each and every special event or occasion. You will never have to see the same old look again with them as there are innumerable shaded which can be clubbed together to get a two tone fabric which will be exclusive and pleasing to look at.