Two Tone Organza Overlays

Two Tone Organza Overlays
A single layer of organza provides a touch of gossamer formality, but two tone organza can suggest an additional richness and depth of color that can be difficult to create with any other fabric. Gold develops a touch of fire when matched with red, and a blend of fuchsia and green captures the very essence of the spring. We offer two tone organza fabrics that bring each season and each holiday to life. Scroll through various color combinations to find the one that adds the perfect touch to your event, room décor, or craft project.

Like our other premium fabrics, two tone organza is available for discounts at higher volume. At a width of 28 inches, a length of 108 inches or more may cost as little as $3.50. Click on a specific color combination for pricing details. Wholesale prices apply after registration. 24 hour shipping is available. 

Mix & Match Color to obtain quantity discount. Please click on any picture to see the price level.

Width Length As Low As
28 inch 108 Inches $2.50


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Fuchsia   Green

Fuchsia Green

Item XB43703
Red   Blue

Red Blue

Item XB43706
Green   Black

Green Black

Item XB43707
Red Green

Red Green

Item xb43708
Gold   Gold

Gold Gold

Item XB43709
Red   Gold

Red Gold

Item XB43710
Silver   Black

Silver Black

Item XB43711
Copper   Black

Copper Black

Item XB43712
Gold   Black

Gold Black

Item XB43713

Two Tone Organza Overlays for Exclusivity and Beauty! If you want to add that extra bit to your evening gown or dress to make it look great, two tone organza overlays is just the right option for you. Adding this material to your already beautiful gown can help to further enhance your overall look.

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