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Wedding Organza Fabric

wedding organza fabric 28 & 58 inches

A grand decoration is all what you expect to be for your occasion. Large scale sheer organza fulfill your grand day with perfect backdrop of that day.it is available in two kind of designs and variety of colors.

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Width Length As Low As
28 inch 216 Inches $2.85
58 inch 360 Inches $8.20


  • Total record: 33


Item XB13701

Baby Maize

Item XB13702

Light Pink

Item XB13703

Light Blue

Item XB13704

Hunter Green

Item XB13707

Spring Moss

Item XB13708

Apple Green

Item XB13709


Item XB13710


Item XB13711


Item XB13712

Old Gold

Item XB13715


Item XB13716


Item XB13717


Item XB13718


Item XB13719


Item XB13721


Item XB13722


Item XB13724

Royal Blue

Item XB13725


Item XB13726

Navy Blue

Item XB13727


Item XB13728


Item XB13730


Item XB13731


Item XB13732


Item XB13733


Item XB13736


Item XB13737

Chocolate Brown

Item XB13738


Item XB13739


Item XB13743

Aqua Blue

Item XB13745


Item XB13746

Choosing the Most Appropriate Wedding Fabric to Make Your Day Memorable!

To decide on what should be the wedding fabric as far as the wedding gown as well as the decorations are concerned, is a tough task. However, you will definitely find an answer to all your queries if you opt for a fabric called organza for such purposes. A wedding is an extremely important occasion and it is equally important to make it as wonderful as possible. Organza is a fabric that is multipurpose and using it for wedding purposes is a great idea. Also, since it is available in so many colors (blue, fuchsia pink, maroon, burgundy, peach, crimson, and many more,) you will surely find something to suit your taste and style. A wedding fabric should be really beautiful and pleasing to the eye. In fact, it should also be such that it is able to hold the attention of everyone. Wedding gowns can be made from many other kinds of fabrics as well. Some of them are velvet, satin, taffeta, silk Georgette and chiffon. While taffeta is available in matte and shiny finishes, satin fabric has a very smooth and silky touch to it. On the other hand, velvet is considered to be a great wedding fabric for winters as it is heavy and gives a rich look, and looks excellent with some or the other kind of detailing. Always make sure that the wedding fabric used to create the decor of the wedding place and is kept in coordination with the theme of the wedding. This will surely make your special day an unforgettable one! A wedding fabric can be used in a variety of different ways to plan the event. Organza flowers, ribbon bows, long drapes and elegant tablecloths can help change the look of the venue completely. Bunches of flowers wrapped in organza fabric placed at every corner would also help to enhance the overall look.