Animal Printed Burlap Ribbons

Animal Printed Burlap Ribbons

The combination of natural burlap texture and colorful animal print creates an affected ribbon! These decorative materials made from premium quality of 100% Jute, Polyester and measures as width 1-1/2 inch and length 10 Yards. Animal printed burlap ribbons substantially used for making hair bows, wrapping, etc.

As BB Crafts store has the quality of tulle fabrics, ribbons, wedding supplies, tablecloths and deco mesh at specialty wholesale prices. We reached customers. You can easily find all crafts and gift wrapping materials under one roof. Animal Printed Burlap Ribbons in available in Zebra Prints, Cheetah print, leopard print and much more.

Animal Print Burlap Ideal for use with arrangements and an array of other projects. These ribbons are eco-friendly so; make your party surroundings decorated with our ribbons that are arriving in different colors.

Well, the shimmering leopard print of burlap-style ribbon is the perfect combination of nature and attraction. Add some shimmer to your gifts with this unique ribbon. Even you can also create a unique wreath for your door or give your Christmas tree a new look with animal print embellishments.

WidthLengthRetail Price
1-1/2 inch 10 Yards $6.89
2-1/2 inch 10 Yards $11.69