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10 Different Ways to Use Rose Petals in Your Wedding

by michael wang on October 22, 2019

Rose petals are a niche touch for weddings. You can add decorative floral accents throughout your wedding celebration and others with rose petal touch in varying colors. There are some ways to use rose petals for your entire wedding day, reception and any other celebrations.

10 Different Ways to Use Rose Petals in Your Wedding

Rose petals are versatile, easy to work with and come in a variety of colors and require zero knowledge of flower arranging. You can buy cheap rose petals at wholesale prices and use it in your wedding ceremony, reception and more. Now, I’m going to share some different ways to use rose petals for your wedding and beyond:

1. Use Rose Petals in Centerpiece Décor

Rose petals make a classy addition when you spread across surfaces or tables. With the help of rose petals, you can also create a floating centerpiece, where candles, flowers or rose petals float in a water bowl.

2. Add a Monogram or Elaborate Design

You can use rose petals to create a personal monogram or if you prefer, you can also use them to create swirls or an elaborate design.

3. Create an Ombre Effect down The Aisle

Ombre refers to the dark to the light fade of color and you can create an ombre effect down your aisle by using rose petals that gradually lighten. You can go down the aisle to lead eyes towards altering, or fade petals from the outer edges towards the center where you will be walking.

4. Add Them to Your Wedding Cake

You can also use rose petals into the decoration of the cake table. Depending on what you prefer, you could have the petals lightly spread around the table to create a dense coverage.

5. Throw Rose Petals at the Wedding Couple during Their Final Exit

Rose petals have also become a common substitution for rice or confetti throwing when a couple makes their grand finale wedding exit.

6. Freeze Rose Petals into Ice Cubes

You can freeze organic rose petals into ice cubes and use them to create fun and festive drinks.

7. Add Rose Petals to Your Bath

What else can you do with rose petals; use them in your bath. Roses are known to have an uplifting effect on the body and their fragrance helps to relieve stress, bloating, inflammation, as well as promote sleep and relaxation.

8. Create Rose Petals Garlands or Leis

To create a garland or leis, sting rose petals onto a thin fishing line and after that, you can hang is on chairs, round tables, or from the ceiling and wear as traditional lies or place wherever you need some additional decoration. For this, you can use rose petals that are available in two-tone fabric.

9. Use Rose Petals As an Accessory

Wearable wedding flowers are so unique and on-trend, so you can consider wearable wedding flowers using rose petals and berries.

10. Relax With Rose Petals

Roses have several calming and skin-softening property and that is also a great addition to a homemade body scrub. Along with a carrier oil or essential oil, add them to slat or sugar and make a scrub to take care of all of life’s worries.

Apart from this, you can also use rose petals to make your gift look more attractive. If you want to give perfume as a wedding favor gift then pack it in organza bags and add some rose petals inside the bags. Rose petals are the symbol of fragrance that makes your gift more attractive. For this, you can buy organza bags at wholesale prices from a fabric supplier that offers a wide range of ribbon, tablecloths, chair cover and more.