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4 Creative and Amazing Christmas Décor Ideas Using Table Runners

by michael wang on December 23, 2019

The Christmas is just round the corner, and you would have started preparing for your home decoration. There are many people who love to invite their friends and family over to their home for dinner and other Christmas festivities. This is the time when you want to get your home dressed up in the best way possible.

4 Creative and Amazing Christmas Décor Ideas Using Table Runners

Amongst all the factors, your home’s table setting is one aspect that plays an important role in enhancing the overall look and feel of your home and the interior décor. And for that it is not just your tablecloth, but the table runner (often overlooked factor) you use alongside that which can instantly give a complete makeover to your table adornment.

Here, we will help you work with table runners, like plaid table runner in the most effective ways with inspiring ideas:

  1. Gold Sequin Table Runner

Using gold sequin table runner will create a glitzy affair with an elegant finish. The smooth design, attractive appearance will create an atmosphere with a reflective feel where the reflection from the table will result in a beautiful holiday glow on your tabletop.

  1. Plaid Table Runner

Plaid is one pattern that goes well with multiple event and place decorations, right from a wedding to just a simple home décor makeover, from tablecloth to table runner and much more. Using a plaid table runner for your Christmas table decoration will bring out a articulate coziness and warmth to the table setting.

  1. Table Runner with Pine Leaves

Use a simple and bright color table runner (white would be great), in minimal design and pattern, and top it off with placement of pine leaves in the center of the table. This will result in extraordinary nature inspired design, which can be enhanced using bronze candle holders coupled with white candles.

  1. Personalized Table Runner

This one idea is something where you would have to put in a bit of work, but will result in an amazing finish altogether. Use a red color table runner and collect white, red and green fabrics, alo9ng with other materials to process your design including glue, scissors and marker. Now decide on the motifs that you want to present on your Christmas table, cut out these motifs from the fabrics and simply glue them over the table runner. You are done and now you have a meaningful and beautiful table setting.

So, these are some simple yet highly effective table runner ideas you can implement this Christmas for your home-based decoration or even at a commercial establishment like a restaurant. Similarly, you can take inspiration for wedding table runner decoration to give your D-day an embellished finish.