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The spread of coronavirus in the whole world continues to rise. Use of face masks is becoming increasingly more common to combat the fight against coronavirus.

When Choosing a Face Mask

Unfortunately, in all emergency shopping amid the coronavirus outbreak, people don't take the time to consider all the features their masks required to provide the best protection. In fact, one of the biggest problems people face is finding suitable masks for their heads and faces. It is important to take all factors in consideration when choosing a mask. After all, if it is not perfectly suitable fit for you, then it will not help you much. This is what to look for when buying a mask and how to find the right mask size for you. First, you should know that respirator masks like N95 and KN95 mask are most effective to use for better protection. If there is a shortage of N95 masks, you can use a KN95 respirator face mask.

How to Pick The Mask That’s Right Fit for You

Whether you are buying a mask, or making your own, make sure that you areconsidering these five things:

How to Pick The Mask That’s Right Fit for You

Best Fitting

Does the mask fit snuggly around your face? If you’re choosing a respirator mask, make sure that the mask snugly over your nose and under your chin. It should also be noted that disposable respirators are usually come in only one fit size and are not suitable for children and toddlers.

Usually, disposable respirators are best used for 6-8 hours. But you can reuse it if not contaminated and take off with washed hands. You can use 3-ply disposable mask or surgical mask. Surgical masks are somewhat loose and do not form an airtight barrier against droplets, including large respiratory particles.


Always buy a face mask that offers you better breathability. You can also use layered tight-woven cotton, cotton-polyester blends, or linen fabric face masks. Do not wear a mask made up of fleece, as it may not provide the same filtering effect as other layered coverings.

Ear Loops or Elastic Bands

For people who want to increase coverage without having to choose other masks, choosing a face mask with astrap extender is a good idea. This design can also reduce the pressure on your ears.

Moisture Wicking

Fabrics with soft stretch materials (such as spandex or polyester) can remove moisture from your skin and help you stay cool.


If you are making your own mask, it’s important to use soft and strong fabric like cotton that provides you perfect fit and comfort and lasts longer.Use an elastic rubber band for ear loops or you can make strap using the cotton cloth.

If you need a mask for your child, then buy a mask that fits perfectly on your child's face and the size of your child's head. You can follow the same guidelines as adults when looking for face mask for your child or kids. Make sure that it should fit the nose and chin without leaving a gap on the sides. You can wear disposable face mask. Are you wondering where to buy disposable face masks? You can shop it online and can buy in wholesale at great prices.



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