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How to Make a Round Tablecloth at Home Using Fabric

by Michael Wang on April 29, 2019

Round tablecloths are used in weeding events, other function venues as well as in your homes, when you have a round table to decorate. When done handsomely, it gives a beautiful and attractive look for your decoration. It is usually required to complete the reception décor.

While buying one from the market is an option, if you want more personalized and specific finish, you can make it yourself using the fabric of your choice and at your home.

Supplies Needed:

  • Fabric
  • Thread
  • Measuring Tape or String
  • Straight Pins
  • Scissors
  • Chalk or Pencil
  • Push pin or tack

Important Reminder

  • If you are using cotton fabric for making a tablecloth, then pre-shrink fabric before sewing.
  • When you are measuring and cutting the fabric, don’t forget to add yardage for seams and hems.

Determine the amount of fabric needed

  • First, measure each side and top of the table and after that add all the dimensions together.
  • Add some extra fabric for seams and hems.

Figure Yardage:

  • To figure the yardage, divide the diameter by the width of the fabric to find the number of lengths of fabric you will need to sew together.
  • To find the total number of inches of fabric needed, multiply the number of lengths needed with diameter. After determining your table size and fabric needed, you will need to cut the fabric and use the cut pieces to make a large square of fabric that you can seam together to make your table cloth.

How to Cut Out Fabric to Get a Perfectly Round Shape:

  • You need to fold the fabric in half so the seams run horizontally.
  • To fold the middle of your fabric, take a tape measure or string to the center.
  • To mark the diameter, swing the tape measure/string to use a chock or pencil.
  • Ping along your drawn line and cut through both layers at the same time and unfold the fabric to reveal the round tablecloth.

Process of Hem a Round Tablecloth:

  • First, you press the seams to open the seams on cloth.
  • After that, you press the fabric around the bottom edge of the tablecloth and fold again and press.
  • Hem the cloth or pin the folds and sew the hem on your machine. After that remove the pin and then press the cloth.

The above tips help to make a round tablecloth at home. You can use these tablecloths for many different occasions and events.