How to Verify the Quality of Your KN95 Face Mask?

Face masks are the go-to-topic of discussion these days. Amid COVID-19, scientific evidence has asserted that masks and face-covering help reducing the transmission of droplets. And they are also evolving as one of the most powerful alternatives for fighting the novel coronavirus, with growing evidence that they help prevent transmission, even if an infected person is close contact with others.

How to Verify the Quality of Your KN95 Face Mask?

Today, there are many different types of face masks are available in the market including a respirator face mask, 3-ply disposable face mask, cloth face covering, and many others. It is ideal to find a reliable PPE product supplier for buying the high-quality KN95 face masks, 3-ply disposable face mask, face shields, cheap nitrile gloves, hand sanitizers, and many others.

What is KN95 Face Mask?

A KN95 face mask is a respiratory protective device designed to achieve a very close facial fit and very efficient filtration of airborne particles. The edges of the respirator mask are designed to form a seal around the nose and mouth.

What is KN95 Face Mask?

You’ll want to approve that the respirator face mask you’re trusting on is reliable, but it’s unlikely that you’ve got access to the laboratory-level testing equipment that uses to set their N95 quality standards. These principles can be applied to the KN95 face masks, as well as both provide a minimum of 95% airborne particle filtration. Below are some tests for verifying the quality of your face mask at home.

You can also avoid these tests by finding a reliable wholesale mask supplier to buy masks online.

Test 1: You Need Lighter

  • First, put on your face mask
  • Then hold and activate a lighter six inches from your mouth
  • And at last, try to extinguish the flame by blowing on it

A certified face mask will not be able to blow out the flame, doesn’t matter how hard you try. While a poor quality mask flame out.

A certified KN95 face mask is made of strong but breathable full mesh nylon that meets stringent standards for inspiratory battle and expiratory resistance.

Test 2: You Need Sweet and Low

  • Put on your face mask
  • After that, empty the contents of a pack of Sweet and Low on a spoon or flat surface
  • Try sniffing with the mask on and the mask off, noting any difference.

In a certified mask, you catch the fragrance, but only slightly. A certified lab-tested KN95 mask has a filtration rate of >=95% and is designed to filter out at least 95% of particles sized three microns or larger. On the other hand, in a poor quality mask, you can still smell the saccharin in full force.

Test 3: You Need Water

  • Hold your face mask by the elastic bands, with the inside of the mask facing up
  • Fill the mask with water

Certified mask: The mask cups the water with zero leakage.

Poor quality mask: Water leaks from the mask.

An official respirator mask has a waterproof layer for protecting the wearer from splashes of biological fluids. And they can be washed and reused as long as it maintains its structural and functional integrity and the filter material is not physically damaged or soiled.

These are some tests you can do for verifying the quality of your respirator mask at home. You can find a reliable PPE product supplier to buy masks, nitrile gloves case, hand sanitizer, face shields, and many others.


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