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According to health experts, one of the best ways to curb the spread of COVID-19 is to wear a face mask. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends wearing a face mask or face coverings in public and when you're around people who don’t live in your household. Wearing a face mask is particularly important when it’s difficult to maintain six feet of distance between yourself and others.Masks help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus, but it is not as easy for many parents to introduce them to their children.

What You Need To Know About Mask and How to Introduce Them to Your Family?

Earlier, the mask was mostly worn by doctors, nurses and other health care professionals. But now it is not like that. Coronavirus has forced everyone to wear masks. More and more children are seeing something they are not used to seeing. For them, it can be awkward or a bit scary, especially if they have to put on masks too.Instead of buying an N95 or KN95 respirator mask, you can buy a cloth face mask in various cartoon characters or prints and can wear it to your child.

Firstly, you need to understand why wear a mask or face covering?

COVID-19 virus is spreading through respiratory droplets that people expel when they talk, sing, cough, or sneeze. To combat the virus, it is mandatory to wear a face mask and maintain social distancing as no proper vaccine has been discovered yet.

But it’s not always possible to keep a distance from others in crowded public place that’s why the use of a face mask in such public settings is recommended to protect yourself and others. Remember, wearing a face mask alone won’t limit the spread of COVID-19 – we all need to continue washing our hands frequently and practicing social distancing. By following these all steps together, we can beat COVID-19. You can buy face mask on sale online from any reliable store.

Now you will be confused what type of mask should I get for my family? 

  • Non-medical masks: 3-ply disposable mask and Cloth face mask are considered as non-medical face masks. If you do not have any COVID-19 symptoms, you can wear a non-medical face mask. If you’re going out for shopping, parties, and any other works, you can wear face coverings or non-medical face masks.
  • Medical Masks: Medical masks such as N95, KN95, N99, and many others are in short supply globally because of the increasing rate of coronavirus cases. If you or your family member is at a higher risk of severe illness due to COVID-19 (people over 60 years old or with underlying health conditions), or if you are taking careof someone with COVID-19, you should wear a medical face mask. A medical face mask is most effective in filtering the small particles (0.3 microns) and it will stop the virus from entering your body. If you have symptoms of covid-19, you should wear a medical mask to limit the spread of virus and protect others. You can buy N95 or KN95 respirator masks online at good prices.

What Type Of Mask Is Best For Your Children?

What Type Of Mask Is Best For Your Children?

Many masks are designed for adults and are not comfortably fit children properly. If you want to buy a mask, please choose the size that suits your child. Whether you are shopping or preparing a mask for your child, please check that your child’s mouth, nose and chin are covered properly and there should no gaps while putting it on your child face. Make sure your child can breathe comfortably in the mask while walking briskly and talking.

You can choose 3-ply disposable or cloth masks for your children. Cloth masks or face coverings come in a huge variety of materials and can be something that you make yourself at home. Many people are concerned about the fabric of cloth masks, like what type of fabric mask they should choose, how many layers the cloth mask should have, etc.

According to the World Health Organization, mask should be made up of three layers:

  • an inner layer should be made up of cotton fabric.
  • a middle layer should be of non-woven material like polypropylene
  • an outer layer made up of non-absorbent material, such as polyester or polyester blend

Whatever type of face covering you choose; it should fit snugly and comfortably on your face, cover your nose, mouth and chin and be secured with elastic loops or ties.

How To Talk To Your Children About Masks?

How To Talk To Your Children About Masks?

Masks may cause stress, uneasiness, anxiety and sadness to many children, especially when they are not used to wearing masks. For younger children or toddlers, mask-wearing can be confusing and upsetting.

It’s important to approach your child in an open and supportive way. Mask wearing is becoming a new normal, so it’s also important to remind your children that they are not allowed to go outside or visit malls, shops without wearing a face mask. Tell them a mask should always be combined with other key precautions such as practicing physical distancing, and frequent handwashing to protect themselves and everyone else.Answer your kid’s each question or doubt.

Masks come in many colors, designs, and patterns. You can ask your children to choose the mask of their favorite color or cartoon character. The more your child like the look or pattern of their face masks, the more likely they wear them even if you’re not around. You can buy face mask on sale online at cheap prices.



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