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Petite Metallic Cord (1)

Petite Metallic Cord Burgundy ( 3mm )

Petite Metallic Cord

Petite Metallic Cord

Wholesale Petite Metallic Cord

Our petite metallic cord has a beautiful yet classy trim off two colors that are considered as the unique craft product. It is substantially used for sewing projects, gift wrapping, home decorating projects and much more.

At BB Crafts, we offer high quality petite metallic cord that is used to make borders of your paintings, collages and picture frames out of it. You can also wrap these metallic wires around flower stems and make a beautiful, elegant flower arrangement. Not only this, you can use these cords in parties or wedding decorations just to create a beautiful arrangement along with flowers and beads and with other decorative items.

You can choose from with so many color options there would never be just one combination to go with. Use gold contrasted chords to give a royal look to decorations, for softer tones use lighter and silver-colored chords.