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Frayed Edge Burlap Wired Edge (3)

Orange - Frayed Edge Burlap Wired Edge - ( 5-1/2 Inch | 10 Yards )


Red - Frayed Edge Burlap Wired Edge - ( 2-1/2 Inch | 10 Yards )


Moss - Frayed Edge Burlap Wired Edge - ( 5-1/2 Inch | 10 Yards )


Frayed Edge Burlap Wired Edge

These frayed edge burlap wired edges available in two different sizes like 2 -1/2 inch and 5 & 12 inch and measures as the width: 2-1/2 inch and length: 10 yards and same for another one. A roll of wide fitted texture burlap ribbon with perfectly ragged edges is used to give that wonderful simple look. You know, the uneven texture of jute fibers characterizes the interesting rustic appeal of burlap ribbon. This rustic effect makes it an excellent enhancement for your pastoral wedding.

At BB Crafts, we provides these fantastic wired edge ribbon in different colors at very reasonable price and the colors like chocolate, orange, red, natural and moss. These wired ribbons can also be used to make good-looking wedding bouquets, bow ties and flower that give an astonishing look to your decoration.

Browse all our different selection and you will surely like all kinds of burlap that makes your wedding day a truly memorable experience.


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