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Double Sided Crepe Paper Petite Metallic Cord 2mm Satin Rat Tail Cord

Double Sided Crepe Paper

At BB Crafts, we offer our Double-sided crepe paper, which is considered as an ideal paper & beautiful choice for crafting/flower making and improve any craft project that requires a vibrant and durable specialty paper. Our paper sheets produced in Germany those are available in different color combinations such as Green, Royal Blue, Moss, Old Willow and Turquoise at very cost-effective prices. Sheets measure approximately 10 inches x 49 inches (25cm x 125cm) - with 135% stretchability. It means that you can create realistic curled flowers petals that easily hold their outlines.

The extra thick duplex crepe paper is made from two pieces of tightly-grained crepe which are firmly glued together just to create a stiffer, stronger craft paper. We have two grades of papers that are offered in a large selection of bright rainbow of colors. Browse through our selection of bright and subtle shades.

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Satin Rose Bulb Flowers

Crafts Supplies

Have you ever fallen in love with the flowers in bloom? If so, we have brought a real treat for you that will not only cherish our love but also gives you a creative punch for your crafting needs. Crafts flower are an excellent way to decorate your home, or they make an ideal add-on to teach your kids about nature.

A bouquet of crafts flower can impressively say “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Anniversary” or “Get Well Soon.” And remember your wishes with this bouquet will last forever as they will not fade away with time. BB Crafts brings an impressive collection of crafts flower in an array of colors and designs to cater your various needs and requirements.

From wedding bouquets to backstage décor to other crafty needs, this exceptional craft item is ideal to add a splash of color with refreshing charm y your decoration. Explore BB Crafts assortment today and grab some beautiful crafts flower as per your requirements.