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Glitter Sisal Mesh Rolls

At BB Crafts, we offer an extensive and unique variety of Glitter Sisal Mesh Rolls made from superior quality, 100 % Polypropylene. Available size is 6 inch x 10 Yards. Our 6 inch Glitter Sisal Mesh Roll is elegant and flexible for any project such as gift wrappings or bouquets. It is an ideal product for floral arrangements, table overlays and much more. If you want to create stunning and amazing floral decorative projects at your home or party occasion, our sisal mesh rolls glitter is the best option for you.

Sisal Mesh Roll without glitter is also available in 2 sizes: 6 inches and 18 inches at our websites, so if you want to make any decoration without sparkling then, you can use these mesh rolls. These rolls also give a stunning to your decoration. We provide extensive range of items at affordable prices with reliable and fast shipping service because customer satisfaction is what is fundamental for us!!!!!

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Poly Deco Xmas Check Mesh Metallic Stripe

The poly deco mesh metallic strip is created with the use of polyester that includes a number of amazing features. Well, if you are planning to decorate your house from the outside, then it would be best to make use of this particular product. If you are planning to have Christmas party this year at your place, then you can get this poly deco mesh metallic strip to embellish the Christmas tree. This type of mesh is best to be used for outdoor decorations as it is highly resistant to rust and water damage. The quality of this fiber is much better in comparison to any other fiber. This mesh is offered by us in a variety of shades so you can use this even for the decoration of Christmas bows, wall trees, wreaths and other cute articles for the day that can be used to decorate the house for the festivity.

Floral Mesh Wrap

If you are planning to reduce the costs for your wedding celebration, vacation or some special celebration at your place, then you might be planning get done with the arrangements on your own. Even if you don’t have the proficiency to manage the things on your own, you can purchase the floral mesh wraps, ribbons, and other decorative items for your florist to decorate the surroundings. This trick can actually make you reduce the cost on decorations. The mesh we provide is definitely the finest quality and we assure on time delivery of your orders with us.

At BBCrafts, you can get the most superior quality floral mesh and the best part is that you can get it all at pocket friendly prices. Through the official website of BBCrafts, you can easily choose from a wide variety of amazing products as we have a great collection of fabrics, ribbons and more.